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Ruben Meerman
This innocuous-looking glass of water has been hailed as one of the greatest health initiatives of the 20th century.

Dr Michael Foley
Everybody who has a tooth in their head will benefit from water fluoridation.

Dr Denis Ingham
It is very effective, and has been very effective in reducing tooth decay.

These apples are being attacked by some of the best teeth in Australia.

Yass, in country New South Wales, was one of the first towns in Australia to fluoridate its water supply.

It’s won wide notoriety for the pioneering part it’s played in fluoridation in Australia.

And now around 90% of us are covered. But, for decades, adding fluoride to the water was highly controversial. And in Queensland it still is.

Stephen Bennett
The amount of people with a passion for and against fluoride far outweighs…

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