Your submission WILL be rejected OUTRIGHT, unless instructions are followed. This is not a proofing service.  Please SUBMIT TO ASWLA, following the guidelines below.

ASWLA is a VOLUNTEER service, and your letter(s) needs as much work done as possible by you, before acceptance.  As it stands, each letter takes around 20 to 30 minutes to insert with titles, clean and proofed.  That’s IF the letter or email is in good order (which of course, you, dear reader, will make sure it is!).

Please send your files ready to be placed into this blog, with limited ‘cleanup’ needed ie. DO NOT EXPECT ASWLA to ACCEPT your letters, untyped, un-proofed, and in a mess — you must complete (formatting, typing, spelling, proofing)  preparation work first, ready for submission. Otherwise, your letter will be rejected outright.

NB. If your letter is included in the ASWL ARCHIVE – at our discretion – you are welcome to post comments beneath the posting to prove updates for readers. However, we only post select items ie. follow-up correspondence is your own responsibility; we do not post all follow-up letters, although you are welcome to email these to us for consideration.

However, if you want to add further content (including letter replies) as an ADJUNCT to the letters; or to DISCUSS THE ISSUES of letters found on the ASWLA website, please go to our official FORUM page, and REGISTER.  You can then discuss the issues with others to your heart’s content!

We urge you to note any privacy/confidentiality clause between you and the sender (of your letters).


  • FIRST: Look over existing letters from the LIVE-JOURNAL ARCHIVE (2011) site (found in the CATEGORIES widget – to the right of the page). Gives you an overview of what has been submitted in the past.
  • SECOND: Look over current posts, to see how letters are being formatted now.  Submissions are to be formatted as closely as you can, to either of these formats – see POSTS for current letters.
  • THIRD: Submit letters with an appropriate selection of information required from the following headings (see SECOND point above):
  1. GENRE: what type of letter is it? letter to the editor? personal email to pollie? etc
  2. TITLE: does your letter have a title? email/subject heading? etc
  3. AUTHOR: write your full name OR first name only OR specify that you would like to use “anonymous”
  4. STATUS: was your letter ‘published’; ‘unpublished’; ‘replied to’; ‘ignored’? etc
  5. DATE WRITTEN: date written
  6. EXTERNAL LINKS: is your letter already published online? For example, perhaps in the online archive of you local newspaper? Paste the link(s) here.
  7. AUTHOR WEBSITE: do you have a blog? website?
  8. AUTHOR CONTACT DETAIL: would you like to be contacted by readers? Give email or website contact page.
  9. FURTHER READING: is there a highly specific external source of information that readers need to view to understand your letter better? paste details here. nb. use this space very sparingly. Three links at the most please, specific to your letter.
  10. OTHER DETAILS: anything else that may be relevant in classifying the nature of your letter to the public?

PLEASE DOWNLOAD and USE THIS HEADER TEMPLATE as a guide – keeping your information in order; add additional info from the above list if you need to: ASWLA HEADER


  • 12 font TIMES ROMAN or ARIAL; and as clean/neat/well-spaced as possible.
  • DO NOT include pictures within the body of the letter (but you can attach a .jpg or, chart/scan; make a note in different coloured font in the body of the letter, where you want the chart inserted.
  • Word .doc (PC) or .docx (Mac) format  – NOT pdf.
  • Margins are 2.5 left and right
  • Format is PLAIN TEXT
  • Only .jpg for any charts please (attach them to the email) as well as have them in the document.
  • You may include links – ASWLA can HYPERLINK words (with your instruction – highlight the words you would like linked and include the link next to it in a bracket) [please supply links for hyper-linking]. DO NOT ITALICIZE LINKS.


If you would like to add a Copyright notice specific to your letter, an extra signature, etc, please briefly do so AFTER the last text of your letter ENDS).


If you have received correspondence back, with a legal disclaimer attached in the response, ASWLA is unable to log the original receipt letter, no matter how disgraceful it is in implication.

eg. “This E-Mail and any files transmitted with it are intended solely for the use of the person or entity to whom it is addressed and may contain information that is confidential and privileged.  If you are not the intended recipient you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of any part of this E-Mail is strictly prohibited.”

HOWEVER, that is not to say, you cannot log any responses with ASWLA – just use your own words ie. tell us what kind of email you received (ie. personal [handwritten letter / mass email], abusive, polite, dismissive, avoidance, etc); and, what you felt about this experience  eg. “The response was an en-masse email reply. The content reiterated that fluoride is ‘safe and effective’ and used the usual WHO, ADA, AMA, and the Government Health department as the point of references to refer back to.”  And, your opinion: eg. “I felt disgusted;  my valid questions remain, unanswered. I have kept the response on file, for future reference”.  Keep your legal responses in your files regardless, always.

NB. If you receive a response, please add as a COMMENT BELOW the original letter – include the DATE received; WHO/WHICH department the letter came from; and what the response reflects.