Knuckles should, and will be rapped! Admission by NHMRC re: Kidney disease is not included in statistics

GENRE: Response letter from NHMRC

TO:  Aisla B

AUTHOR: Professor John McCallum

DATE SENT:   19th February, 2014

TITLE: NHMRC response to Ailsa B

STATUS: No response required.

UPDATES:  Please post all updates and comments in the LEAVE A REPLY section below.

A copy of a recent letter from the NHMRC – important because of one damning-to-fluoridation sentence in it: 


Damning sentence from NHMRC

Damning sentence from NHMRC

  What an admission!  No doubt someone will get their knuckles rapped one day and there will be a stampede of bureaucrats with mops! 


Dear Ms B,

Thank you for your correspondence dated 5 and 25 January to Professor Anderson.

Please find attached a scanned copy of the response to your letters.
The original response letter has been sent to the postal address provided in your email.
Fluoridation Project Team
National Health & Medical Research Council
e: | w:

p.1 NHMRC letter Feb 14, 2014.58.38 PM

p.2 NHMRC letter Feb 14, 2014


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