‘Conspiracy’ the Favoured Word of Pro-Fluoridation Extremists

Ongoing debate happening – please add your comments:

For those new to this debate over the fluoridation of water supplies (mandatory or otherwise), it may surprise you to learn that most of the so-called ‘conspiracy theory’ talk comes from the pro-fluoridation lobby, not anti-fluoridation campaigners concerned with presenting the ethical and scientific case against fluoridation.

In fact, the scientific opponents of fluoridation repeatedly reject conspiracy theories regarding the practice (e.g. Connett, Beck & Micklem 2010, p. 85, p. 256), instead choosing to focus their energy on discussing the primary literature and issues such as informed consent to treatment.

However, this does not stop proponents of fluoridation lumping all opponents into the conspiracy theorist category. Sure, there are still plenty of whackos out there who insist on peddling the baseless ‘Nazi’ argument and so forth, but the real question is why do those who promote fluoridation avoid debates (apart from some rare exceptions) with the scientific opponents…

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