Legislative Contradictions: Which Act Wins?

Brilliant ! Thank you AFAM ! Poison is Poison. Hiding behind man-made laws won’t mean escape from wrongful actions.. may all these criminals, reap heavily, what they are/have, sown.

The Health (Fluoridation) Act 1973 specifies that, “A water supply authority may and when required by the Secretary shall add fluoride to any public water supply under its control in the manner determined by the Secretary pursuant to this Act for dental health purposes” (1) – the Secretary being the Head of the Department of Health (2).

The legislation also makes clear that “No person has any right of action” against water supply authorities “in respect of anything done in regard to the fluoridation of a public water supply” within the scope of the Act (3).

Put simply, this means one person has the power to selectively order water supply authorities throughout the state of Victoria to fluoridate public water supplies to, ostensibly, treat citizens of Victoria for the disease of dental caries (4); whilst those water supply authorities are not legally accountable for their actions to any citizen…

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