Spineless Advertising Standards ‘Authority’ Fails the People of New Zealand

First class analyses of a dingy, outdated, barbaric practice – the tyranny of ‘water fluoridation’ is neither ‘safe’, nor, ‘effective’.

RE: Fluoridation critic still unhappy after ad complaint rejected

The situation, as summarised in the above article, epitomises how the criminals who promote and implement fluoridation programs continue to get away with their crimes against the people, even after decades of unsubstantiated propaganda. As long as agencies that are charged with enforcing checks and balances on those in power fail to stand up to the bullies and cartel crony kingpins of fluoridation, nothing will change.

The Advertising Standards Authority (NZ) can now join the long list of those who – as history will attest – are worthy of nothing more than hanging their heads in shame on this issue. Let’s briefly look at the propaganda claims that were supposedly ‘examined’ thoroughly by the Advertising Standards Authority and ruled to have been ‘substantiated’:

Claim 1: Fluoridation “makes a huge difference in reducing tooth decay, particularly for children.”

When this claim of “huge” benefit is…

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