Fluoride and the Nazi Connection?

We have the promoters on the ropes with the Science – it is a big fat ‘f’ for fail; we don’t need to bring the Nazi’s into it in 2014. However, it is good to see a little of the history of ‘belief’ from the past. Presenting professional and scientifically sourced primary literature that is already in existence; but…. further long-term testing is what is required from authorities insisting that hydrofluorosilic acid is ‘safe’.

Since AFAM was formed in 2008 to fight against mandatory water fluoridation in Victoria, we have heard a story endlessly repeated: “Hitler used sodium fluoride to pacify concentration camp inmates.” As the old saying goes, if you repeat something enough times people supposedly begin to believe it. Well, this one we don’t believe. Why? Because despite HUNDREDS of challenges from us, not a single anti-fluoridation person or group has EVER proven this claim, when challenged by us to do so.

What has been proven, however, is that our opponents (i.e. those who enjoy forcing fluoridation chemicals into water supplies, often against the will of the people and always in violation of the human right of informed consent to treatment) love when they hear this Nazi claim. It fits neatly into their widely-perpetuated “conspiracy theorist” theme, so they can avoid dealing with real issues, such as informed consent to treatment and…

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