Time to END the outdated TOXIC practice of FLUORIDATION – Please vote NO to fluoridation (Redland Bay Council)

GENRE: Email letter

TO:  Mayor of Redland Bay; Various email Bcc list

AUTHOR: Sandy S.

DATE SENT: Tue, Dec 17, 2013

TITLE: Time to END the outdated TOXIC practice of FLUORIDATION – Please vote NO to fluoridation

STATUS: Redland Bay did not reply to any emails sent by the public; but they did vote to keep fluoride IN the water (see link below).

UPDATES:  Please post all updates and comments in the LEAVE A REPLY section below.

EXTERNAL LINKS: http://news.redland.qld.gov.au/2013/12/fluoride-a-state-government-responsibility-council/

From: Sandy S.

Subject: Time to END the outdated TOXIC practice of FLUORIDATION – Please vote NO to fluoridation

To: mayor@redland.qld.gov.au

Attn: Mayor and Councillors of Redland Shire

Please exorcise a conscience vote against the fluoridation (therapeutic treatment) via dosing of the public water supply with industrial fluoride chemicals, as such treatment is indiscriminant and it is unknown how much fluoride people are accumulating over time.  It is a known fact that 50% of ingested fluoride is retained in the calcified parts of the body such as bones.  Even more fluoride is retained in the pineal gland, causing disruption to production of melatonin.  Fluoride is extremely acidic and reactive and it cannot be guaranteed that all individuals, no matter how much they consume, will have no adverse effects.

The form of fluoride chemical dosed to the water supply is an industrial waste product and is not cleansed or treated to remove the heavy metals.  There are no studies anywhere in the world which have proven that the dosing of drinking water with industrial grade silicofluoride chemicals, in order to deliver a therapeutic treatment, is safe for chronic consumption even at low doses.

Under the circumstances you owe it to your constituents – particularly the elderly, inferm, babies, pregnant women and those with thyroid or kidney disease, heart disease or cancer – to avoid excessive exposure to this toxic ‘S6’ chemical poison.  These vulnerable and sensitive groups in the population should be protected from excessive exposure.

How can you in all good conscience allow indiscriminant therapeutic treatment of your residents without medical supervision or monitoring?  How do you know what levels of fluoride they are consuming or retaining?  It is certainly not natural, but a synthetic chemical. The dose is far too high to allow for any margin of safety.

The World Health Organisation has deemed 2mg of fluoride per day to be the level at which toxic effects such as fluorosis manifest in the population.  One litre of water fluoridated at 1ppm delivers 1mg of fluoride:  2 litres delivers 2mg; and 3 litres delivers 3mg.  In addition, there is what is called the ‘halo’ effect whereby fluoridated water is used to manufacture foods and beverages, as well as medications, delivering even higher doses cumulatively.  Tea leaves have a high propensity to take up fluoride from ground water.  When fluoridated water is used to make a cup of tea from black tea leaves the cup can contain up to 8mg of fluoride.

Applying a therapeutic treatment water indiscriminantly and without the approval of individuals, is unethical and should be stopped – as other 1960’s practices have been concerning asbestos, lead in petrol and the promotion of smoking by doctors as being healthy.  They also used to say that Thalidomide was harmless, but we know better now.  We also know better now about fluoride and have copious sophisticated scientific studies demonstrating the toxicity of ingested fluoride.  There is no good reason to keep it going.  If people believe that fluoride can help their teeth then they have the choice to apply a fluoridated toothpaste topically.  But please don’t force everyone to drink the stuff.  It is a systemic POISON.

Please refer to the documents at the links below, which have been prepared by a dental professional concerning the politics of the fluoride fraud.  The homework has been done by many scientists and doctors, who now call for this practice to be stopped. http://fluoridealert.org/fan-tv/

Only 5% of the world remains that still fluoridate their population.

Fluoride Fraud by Dr. Jim Maxey, DDS…



Sandy S.
Nerang 4211


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