Racehorse Breakdowns & artificially fluoridated water in Los Angeles 2013 (email thread)

GENRE: Email thread

TO:  Various email Bcc list

AUTHORS: Diane Drayton Buckland (QLD), Cr. Sol Ibrahim (NSW), Cathy Justice (USA)

DATE SENT:   Between 18th – 23rd November, 2013

TITLE: Racehorse Breakdowns & artificially fluoridated water in Los Angeles 2013

STATUS: No response required.

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To: Cr. Sol Ibrahim  <sol.ibrahim@cr.byron.nsw.gov.au>
From: Diane Drayton Buckland

Racehorse Breakdowns & artificially fluoridated water in Los Angeles 2013 Sauerheber    October-December, 2013
Guest Editorial     Fluoride 46(4)170-177 – The International Society for Fluoride Research Inc.




Cr. Sol Ibrahim  <sol.ibrahim@cr.byron.nsw.gov.au>
To Diane Drayton Buckland
18th November, 2013

Hello Diane,

Racehorse Breakdowns & artificially fluoridated water in Los Angeles 2013

I read this particular research report with interest.

The report notes that horse fluoride assimilation in drinking water is ‘substantial’. This is demonstrated by the observation that absorption from fluoridated water at 1 ppm results in .26 mg/kb of body weight, which is 9 times the level which causes acute gastrointestinal symptoms in humans, a level that obviously is not caused by human consumption of 1 ppm (otherwise the vast majority of the Australian population would be suffering acute gastro).

The report goes on to state that this high absorption in horses occurs at least in part because a horse of 1000 pounds (453 kg) consumes 25-30 gallons (95-113 litres) of water per day. It is noted that these horses are racing horses who have an intense training regime, in high temperatures, and who do not graze on grass (they eat dry foods). If this rate was to be applied to a man weighing 90 kg, he or she would have to drink between 19 and 22.6 litres of water per day. This would be fatal, no matter how pure the water was. As I understand it, the safe level of 1ppm is based on the amount of water a human can ingest. Whilst this does vary of course, 19 to 22 litres per day is around 15 times the average 2 litres per day for humans. For this reason, it is not in my opinion appropriate to apply the results of this research on racing horses to humans.

Kind regards

Cr Sol Ibrahim


3. Response from Cathy Justus to Byron Bay Councillor Sol Ibrahim

Some Brief Information on Cathy Justice and their horses >   http://fluorideinformationaustralia.wordpress.com/animals-pets/
From: Wayne & Cathy Justus
Sent: Saturday, November 23, 2013
Subject: fluoridation
Dear Mr. Ibrahim,
I read your letter to Diane Drayton Buckland and you are sorely misinformed about the toxicology, dose verses concentration, systemic poisoning, and accumulation of fluoride.  Reading your bio on your site it is also quite obvious your background and experience does not cover these important aspects of fluoridation.
Your comment about the race horse/fluoride manuscript, that it does not correspond with human consumption is also way off base.  I watched my horses and human friends suffer from the very same ailments caused by their consumption of fluoridated water for the 20 years that our town was fluoridated.  Those ailments stopped accumulating and slowly over years abated when fluoridation was ceased in our town after being scientifically proven to have killed my horses.  There is rarely a day that someone in our town doesn’t thank me for saving their life by ceasing this poisoning.  They tell me their symptoms have slowly reversed.   That is those who survived that poisoning.  We lost horses and friends to heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, and a host of ailments proven to be caused by fluoride consumption and accumulation.
I have attached a letter that was recently published in full  in the Baltimore, MD news paper.  It reveals a lot of information that you obviously don’t know and it contains links to important information that you should read.
Cathy Justus

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