2010 response re TGA fluoridation

GENRE: Response from Department of Health

TO:  Ms. Michalik

AUTHOR: Department of Health, Mental Health and Senior Victorians

DATE SENT: June 7th, 2010

TITLE: 2010 response re TGA fluoridation

STATUS: Department response.

ATTACHMENT: 100607 Letter to Anna Michalik Re Fluoride used water fluoridation programme

For prosterity, here is a 2010 response to public enquiry.

Click on link for PDF:

100607 Letter to Anna Michalik Re Fluoride used water fluoridation programme

Comment: It should be noted that, in 2013 –

The TGA has recanted on its claim that water fluoridation is a oral hygiene product.

The TGA then wanted to exclude fluoride added to water supplies because it is a chemical used  to treat and purify water.

The other comments about an S7 poison being a nutrient are ludicrous.

The matter of interest here is that the Health department acknowledges that
the TGA is responsible for the classification of fluoride.


2 comments on “2010 response re TGA fluoridation

  1. Too many grubby fingers in the corrupt to the core pie.

    Australia wide in dental crisis after widespread fluoridation in every State, first commencing Beaconsfield, Tasmania in 1953 = likewise USA in dental crisis after widespread ‘fluoridation’ first beginning in 1945 Grand Rapids Michigan

    The only answer EVER was to provide access to affordable dental health care services for all the population, not the disposal of hazardous waste pollutants fluorosilicic acid/silicofluorides and co-contaminants of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, thallium, beryllium, etc., (known as water fluoridation and also added to this hazardous waste soup is aluminium sulphate); into our drinking water supplies and hence also the contamination of our food chain and using the populations’ kidneys as hazardous waste disposal/filtration units.


  2. We have been fighting for many years to get a better dental hygiene system and what they come up with is fluoridations. It does not work. It cannot work. It just caters for those vested interests who cannot put fluoride legally into the environment yet have convinced governments that it is legal to poison the population. The arguments used don’t stand up. The waiting lists for dental treatment are long in Australia because we don’t have an effective system. governments do not want to spend the money. If someone has a small Cary starting and have to wait 2 or more years for treatment then by that time it can be a much greater problem. Dental services now! Fund sufficient dentist training and provide the resources where they can be quickly and easily accessed.
    Governments are happy to fund wars or send money to other countries as foreign aid but refuse to adequately find Australian public community services right across the board. I don’t object to assisting other countries but first priority should be our own people

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