‘Bev’ the accursed

GENRE: Email letter

TO:  The Editor, Daily Mercury MACKAY; Various email Bcc list


DATE SENT:   Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 11:52 AM

TITLE: ‘Bev’ the accursed

STATUS: Awaiting response

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The Editor
Daily Mercury

Dear Editor

‘Bev’ (name changed to protect the damned) is a prisoner in her own home.

Accursed first by Bligh & Co via their mandatory fluoridation of Gladstone’s public water supply.

Cursed second by the Gladstone councillors who continue to force fluoridation.

Bev became sick soon after her water supply was fluoridated.

Specialists’ tests failed to identify the cause.

Her family believed she had cancer.

After following advice not to drink fluoridated water Bev was better in three days.

But many people can’t afford evasive measures (no-fluoride water).

So Bev has to stay close to her bathroom to cater for her unexpected bodily needs.

She is now a walking pharmacy of prescribed drugs.

The pro-fluoride lobby would have you believe that fluoridated water is safe – even for newborns.

Bev’s dilemma would be shared by many consumers of fluoridated water.

Yours truly

Ailsa B


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