“Coming Clean – A Plea to End Water Fluoridation”: Attn: Robert Stokes and members of the NSW Parliament – Please VOTE NO to this bill

GENRE: Letter to Parliament

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AUTHOR: Member of the Public (Name withheld by request)

DATE SENT:   Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 10:23 PM

TITLE: “Coming Clean – A Plea to End Water Fluoridation”: Attn: Robert Stokes and members of the NSW Parliament – Please VOTE NO to this bill

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“Coming Clean – A Plea to End Water Fluoridation”                                17 September 2013

Re:  Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Amendment Bill 2013

Dear Robert Stokes and Distinguished Members of NSW Parliament,

I write to you not as someone who has any political power, but an ordinary member of the community who is concerned about the iron-fisted push to fluoridate every part of Australia at any cost.  I write to you as one of many with a voice, but it is not being heard by those entrusted with our governance.  Instead the protests of people are ridiculed and derided, dismissed and brushed aside as the rantings of a child in a nanny-state.  This is my plea for you to listen at this 11th hour of your decision-making regarding the proposed bill to enshrine water fluoridation in legislative stone, fixed and permanent, and never to be questioned or reviewed in honesty… A tombstone more appropriately, to mark the grave of those who clung to the fluoridation myth from the 50’s and 60’s, despite clear and credible scientific evidence pouring forth year after year, showing the increasing harm of this poison as it amasses in our cells from the halo effect of dosing the main drinking water supplies.

I grew up in Sydney drinking fluoridated water and received a mouth full of mercury amalgam fillings.  I did indeed have all the modern trappings of dentistry, but was later to discover that my chronic constipation and IBS symptoms, my gastric reflux and later my hypothyroidism were all symptoms of fluorosis (toxic levels of fluoride).  When fluoride mixes with the hydrochloric acid of the stomach it forms hydrofluoric acid which scours the stomach lining and kills beneficial bacteria necessary to assist digestion and maintenance of the bowel lining.  Fluoride doses in the amount many people drink in fluoridated water were also used by doctors in the 1960’s to treat hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid).  Fluoridation, in other words, is a medical treatment proffered as a caries prophylactic, but it also suppresses thyroid activity.  So please do your due diligence and see what an epidemic of thyroid disease we now have in fluoridated areas.

This is my plea for you to look deep inside to the depths of your soul and review what we are doing to ourselves, our children, our elderly, our community.  It’s time to come clean.  Fluoride, in all its forms, is not a nutrient – not even naturally occurring calcium fluoride which the body is able to reject easily because it is not very bio-available.  Our water is dosed with industrial grade sodium fluoride, sodium silicofluoride or hydrofluorosilicic acid (classification S6 Poison) which contain all the other toxins and heavy metal contaminants that rose up the chimney with the fluoride gasses.   It is a chemical, an untreated toxic waste extracted from chimney scrubbers of phosphate and aluminium processing factories.  99% flows out into the environment and only 1% is consumed.  Environmental and health concerns have led to the cessation of fluoridation in most European countries, and even USA and Canada are seeing more and more cities voting to stop this archaic medical treatment and infringement of people’s rights. Less than 5% of the world remains fluoridated in this day and age.  Unfortunately this includes Australia.  Since the big push to fluoridate the whole of Australia via the National Oral Health Plan, hatched by the dental lobby and infiltrated to government health officials, Australia has become the biggest fluoridator in the world with more fluoridated people per capita than any other country.  This is not a record I am proud of, as fluoridation is a violation of human rights – the right to informed consent to medical treatment.

You cannot control the dose, as people can drink as much of the treatment water as they like, and you do not know how much people are exposed to from all sources.  Therefore it is impossible for you to guarantee safety for everyone, including vulnerable population subgroups like people with kidney disease, chemical sensitivity, hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, infants and the elderly and infirm.  The poorest and most vulnerable are the ones least able to afford the expensive filters to avoid the poison.  These groups are the most likely to suffer the diseases of poor nutrition, including dental caries. Unfortunately fluoridated water is no magic bullet.  It is instead a slow toxic bullet that delivers an enzyme-inhibiting attack on the nervous system.  Yes, it is effective:  An effective pesticide, that is.

Tasmania is a good example of the disaster of fluoridation public policy.  Tasmania has the worst adult oral health in Australia. In fact, it has been dubbed in the media as the ‘rotten apple’ of Australia.  Mr Wilkie, member for Denison, said in parliament, “My home state has some of the worst health statistics in Australia including those to do with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and a range of cancers.”  Tasmania was the first state to commence fluoridation in 1953 with nearly full fluoridation levels since then.

It’s time to come clean and review this remnant of the post war era.  We should be big enough to admit it was a mistake.  There have been many well-meaning legislators over the years who thought they were doing the right thing… But the evidence now shows this idea was very misguided.  Fluoridation has been a massive failure in public health policy.

I recommend you read an excellent review by Associate Professor (Uni NSW) Niyi Awofeso published in 2012 titled, “Ethics of Artificial Water Fluoridation in Australia.”  Professor Awofeso specialises in Public Health and Community Medicine.  “The author concludes that there is insufficient ethical justification for artificial water fluoridation in Australia.”

If God is listening may He move his light of understanding through each and every heart in the parliamentary chamber.  Please do not continue to dose your fellow human beings with this insidious poison.  People are pleading and screaming for it to stop.  The most vulnerable cannot tolerate it anymore.  The cellular fluoride load has now accumulated to such an extent that it is heavily weighing down the immune system of so many people.  The side effects of the pollution are now becoming more obvious with increasing allergy, eczema, psoriasis and other skin disorders, osteoporosis (fluorosis of the bones), metabolic syndrome, hypercalcaemia, hypothyroidism and nervous system disorders.  Fluorine is the most acidic element on the periodic table of elements.  It is highly reactive – not only dissolving concrete, but also dissolving the integrity of our cell walls. It is simply not meant to be ingested.

How much more will people have to suffer before you come clean and stop the dosing?

If you care about your community and about our country, if you care about ethics and having a functional democracy, please vote NO to this bill before the parliament.  Please vote FOR people’s health freedom.

Finally, please answer these questions honestly, as though you were making a commitment to God Himself:

“Do you understand there is no margin of error, no safety buffer, in the treatment, and that at least some people in the population are more sensitive to fluoride accumulation, such as those with kidney disease, chemical sensitivity, hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, babies and elderly?”

“Do you understand that ingested fluoride accumulates in the calcified tissue IN ALL PEOPLE over time – including bones and the pineal gland – as only approximately 50% is excreted (less in children)?”

“Do you understand that the World Health Organisation and the ADA fluoride lobby itself, have in their public documents disclaimer references recommending study of the amount of fluoride people are being exposed to from all sources?”

“Do you understand that no toxicological fluoridation exposure studies have been undertaken in Australia since they were recommended by NHMRC in 1991?”

“Do you take full responsibility (both severally and jointly) for any resulting adverse health effects suffered by the recipients of this therapeutic treatment if you mandate it via your dosing agents (councils and water authorities)?”

I look forward to discovering the results of your conscientious deliberations.

Yours sincerely

Member of the Public (ASWLA comment: Name withheld by request)


8 comments on ““Coming Clean – A Plea to End Water Fluoridation”: Attn: Robert Stokes and members of the NSW Parliament – Please VOTE NO to this bill

  1. There will be a day where we look back at water fluoridation and go why on earth did we allow this to happen. Thank you for making this letter, it may be a year old now but it still rings true.

  2. Dear ASWLA,

    Thank you for sharing this letter. It is very well written and the author is well informed.
    Other than the references to the supernatural, I would have been very pleased to have written it myself and put my name to it – why didn’t s/he; is s/he a dentist; would their career be in jeopardy?

    Well done all of you – keep up the good work; where is Dan now?


    : D

    • Thank you Roy – yes, its a compassionate and truthful letter – lets hope that those it is addressed to, come to their senses finally, and stop putting hydrofluorosilic acid into our drinking water, contaminating all the food chain — for this affects them too, and, their families and loved ones. Dan is taking a well-deserved break – he has worked very hard indeed this year; and is sure to assist further, at some point soon.

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