An open letter to Robert Stokes

GENRE: Email letter

TO:  Various email Bcc list

AUTHOR: Lesley C.

DATE SENT:   Wed, Sep 18, 2013

TITLE: An open letter to Robert Stokes

STATUS: Awaiting response

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An open letter to Robert Stokes:

Dear Robert Stokes and Distinguished Members of NSW Parliament,

I write to you as a concerned citizen about the fluoridisation of our water.

I call upon you, and the rest of the legislative body to reconsider the strong and sweeping legislation that would override overwhelming community concern about mass introduction of fluoride into the water of New South Wales. I further suggest that such actions would be undemocratic, may contravene the Constitution and may open the government of New South Wales to future litigation on many fronts.

While there is evidence the fluoride is not a nutrient, but rather a toxin and there is also scientific evidence that it may help children’s teeth, the bottom line is that it is an unnatural chemical addition to our water. It is, in short, mass-medication. Sadly, the exact dosage or percentage of fluoride in the water, which may seem miniscule, cannot be accurately measured. Therefore, in future, should someone or indeed a large group of people gather enough evidence to link the ingestion of this chemical to various diseases or ailments, the government, present or future, would be liable.

Surely, therefore, such an act by the government of New South Wales would be foolhardy to say the least, given the overwhelming fact that science has been wrong so many times in the past.

I am sure you may remember many years ago when science assured us that asbestos was quite safe and a little bit of dust wouldn’t hurt us. Perhaps you will remember the thalidomide debacle in the 60s when a “perfectly safe” drug was given to pregnant women with horrible consequences. Sometimes “science” can be foolishly amusing such as the belief that our lungs would burst if we travelled faster than 30 miles per hour. Yet despite the many flaws in scientific research, the scientific community ridicules and attacks anyone who has the audacity to question their authority. It seems that science is the new religion and anyone who questions their “all knowing” wisdom is ridiculed, denigrated and attacked. This is absolutely ridiculous given their track record of being “wrong” as often as they are “right.”

Surely, given that there is mounting evidence on both sides of the argument that the sensible, sane and noble action would be for the government of New South Wales to leave the water pure, uncontaminated by any unnecessary chemical. Those who wish to take fluoride could buy or be given fluoride drops or tablets. They could still use their fluoride toothpastes and mouth washes. This is simple democratic freedom and surely something our founding fathers gifted to us and to all following generations.

I therefore call upon you and the government to listen to the concerns of the majority of people and to remain cautious and careful. We are stewards of the land and water, and surely any additional chemicals and unnecessary additives may have dire consequences for the country and for the health and well being of the people.

best wishes, Lesley C


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