O’Farrell, this is why you are wrong on fluoridation…

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TITLE: O’Farrell, this is why you are wrong on fluoridation…

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The headline reads, Councils should decide on water fluoridation, says Barry O’Farrell.

What it should read is, THE PEOPLE should decide on water fluoridation, says Barry O’Farrell.

But no, you want a small number – less than a dozen – individuals in local councils to force fluoridation on everyone in their communities.

Meanwhile, your attack dogs at NSW Health are bullying councils in voting for fluoridation, but you do nothing to rebuke them.

O’Farrell, this is disgraceful two-faced behaviour on your part. You are playing both sides of the chess board, but WE are onto you.

It’s about time you started advocating for the rights of individuals to have informed consent to treatment; rather than advocating for the power of councils to deny people this right.

If you genuinely don’t understand the concept of informed consent to treatment, we suggest you visit this link: http://afamildura.wordpress.com/tag/informed-consent/

For now, however, we are not fooled by this puppet show of yours. ‘The pro-fluoridation lobby vs. Barry O’Farrell.’


You and the pro-FL NSW Health are two masks on the same face, but you want all the suckers out there to believe that you, Barry O’Farrell, are actually on the side of the people. the ‘big hero.’

Okay, if you really are, stand up for the peoples’ right to informed consent!!! And SCREW local councils. They have NO RIGHT, and neither does your Government, to expose communities to fluoridation chemicals via drinking water.

Oh, and by the way, if you are seriously for the people, you will immediately order NSW Health to withdraw its tax-payer funded lobbying for the unethical practice of fluoridation. Otherwise, you’re just another puppet; and one of NSW Health’s butt buddies.

You may fool the average joker out there, but you will not fool the AFAM Research Division.

We’ve seen it all before, mate.

The Administrator
AFAM Research Division


2 comments on “O’Farrell, this is why you are wrong on fluoridation…

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  2. Good ‘goal kick’….straight down the middle. How are you with the left boot? I’d like one for the TGA please!

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