AFIN Memo #575 – Wednesday, 21 Aug 2013


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DATE SENT:   21 August 2013 12:56:09 AM AEST

TITLE:  AFIN Memo #575   –    Wednesday, 21 Aug 2013

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AFIN Memo 575   –    Wednesday, 21 Aug 2013

MEDICATION vs TREATMENT:   Avoiding the ‘Mass Medication’ Trap:  Things You Need to Know [1].  This article was written by a remarkable young person who chooses to hide his/her light under a bushel; therefore, I can’t name him/her.  Some of this article could meld well with Monica M’s Open letter to councillors (AFIN Memo 574).

This author argues that anti-fluoridationists butt heads with pro-fluoridationists over the former claiming that fluoridation is mass medication and the latter denying that it is.

The author labours the point that “Using the term ‘treatment’ (or ‘mass treatment’) is the key, and it’s the one thing that not even our most ruthless pro-fluoridation opponents can wriggle out of.  They quibble over fluoride being a drug, but they CANNOT quibble over fluoride being added to water to treat people for the disease of dental caries.  All promoters of fluoridation agree that dental caries is a disease and openly, proudly state they are adding fluoridation chemicals to drinking water EXCLUSIVELY to treat or prevent this disease.”

INFORMED CONSENT:  In the article, the author also dwells on “informed consent” and states, “In the medical/legal literature, we find that the actual phrase used is ‘informed consent to treatment’ (abbreviated ‘informed consent’); not ‘informed consent to medication’ as most anti-fluoridationists put it; i.e. when doctors talk about informed consent, they are not necessarily talking informed consent to medication, they are talking about consent to treatment via a particular medical intervention, whatever form this intervention may take.  Fluoridation is indeed a medical intervention, as proponents specifically claim it treats/prevents a disease.

The author’s “Addendum:  something else to consider” [1] states, “According to the TGA:  ‘How a product is presented will help to determine whether it will be treated as a food or a medicine.  For example a clove of garlic is a food.  However, if it is concentrated and marketed in capsule form with claims that it can be used to relieve cold and ‘flu symptoms it will be treated as a medicine.  A product’s principal use is of primary consideration when determining whether it is a food or a medicine’.’ …

The entire article [1] is commended to you for further reading and for use as ammunition in its entirety or in part.

Further information from which extracts could be sourced to cobble together with extracts from Avoiding the Mass Medication Trap:  Things You Need to Know could be sourced from Ballina Councillor Keith Williams’ 17/8/13 online comment Fluoride and Consenting Adults [2] in which he appears well qualified to claim that adding fluoride to the water supply indeed constitutes a medical treatment.  Cr Williams was involved with the re-write of Queensland legislation that dealt with consent to medical treatment; namely The Power of Attorney Act 1998, the Guardianship Act 1999 and the Mental Health Act 2000 – each of which almost certainly incorporated an element about informed consent.

THE ARCHIVE of the Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura can be accessed via this URL where a wealth of fluoride/fluoridation material (critiques, submission, articles, letters, posts, links to videos, etc.) can be accessed.  Like the fairy tale the Elves and the Shoemaker this website is being crafted by unseen hands while others sleep.

SMILE:  An AFINer who might not wish to be named just posted this no-holds-barred comment online:  “Fluoridation is one of the 10 most disastrous public health initiatives of the twentieth century.  When the truth is finally revealed, it will be listed with asbestos, DDT, Dioxin, Thalidomide and their ilk.  This toxically-flawed unethical, ineffective, costly, wasteful and coercive process will be cited as an example of how the human right to determine our own medical treatment can be sanctimoniously over-ridden by an unholy cabal of bureaucrats, industrial waste producers and that segment of the medico-dental lobby that believes they have the power to do what they want without regard for the consequences.  May the devil take them, and the good Lord preserve me from those who know what’s good for me.”


Avoiding the Mass Mediation Trap:  Things You Need to Know; Anti Fluoridation Association Mildura, Facebook, 11/8/13 :
Fluoride and Consenting Adults; Keith Williams, Ballina Shire councillor :


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