STONE THE CROWS! Fluoride in drinking water da…de…da (you know how it goes)

GENRE:  Media Release

TITLE:  STONE THE CROWS! Fluoride in drinking water da…de…da (you know how it goes)

TO:  Anybody out there

STATUS:  We’ll see

DATE WRITTEN:  Sunny Sunday 4th August, 2013.

AUTHOR:  MM, way up north

To: Anybody out there,

It seems ABC TV has got itself into a bit of a ‘pickle’ over this Catalyst program they’re airing this week on….you guessed it!…. water fluoridation and how it ‘protects the teeth’….oops!….Did I say that?

Someone let the ‘cat out of the bag’ and they’re copping a ‘stoning’.  Dissidents and disgruntled viewers who want to see a balanced, impartial reporting of the fluoride facts.  But that’s what you’d expect, isn’t it?…. Fair suck of the sav, eh?

Maybe it won’t even go to air and they’ll have to ‘pull’ it.

Seems there’s another clanger the ABC will have to cop if they even mention that fluoride in drinking water prevents tooth decay’.  oops!….Did I say that again?

As usual…another stuff up by the TGA!  But, the laws the law.

It’s in black and white.  Now here’s where we get serious …..Substances for the purification or treatment of drinking water are only excluded goods (that is… excluded from being regulated under the legislation), if no claims are made for therapeutic use.  Got it?

Mention any possible therapeutic use, like, “you know what they say it does for the teeth” (didn’t get me there, eh?) …and, bingo!  You’ve just breached the Therapeutic Goods legislation and Advertising Code    Gawd, how simple is that!

Actually….. not quite so simple.  Stone the crows!

Ms Plibersek (Federal Minister for Health) and the States are going to have a hard time explaining how they’ve managed to get away with it for so long!


2 comments on “STONE THE CROWS! Fluoride in drinking water da…de…da (you know how it goes)

  1. ABC webiste calls the program “Water Fluoridation” now. No mention of … you know… what it does to the teeth!
    I’m picturing Michael Foley (Qld dentist & “campaigner” for the pro-fluoride lobby) and Michael Moore (toxicologist and APHA head) fully “gagging” to try and get it out ….”Fluoride…gulp, splutter, splutter…tooth decay!” Give ’em another glass of water!

  2. That’s black and white to me. Very one sided rule.

    Cod liver oil is known to keep healthy teeth, imagine if we wrote that on the bottle. TGA would be on our back before it hit the shelf.

    Thanks for brining this to the public attention and I hope they can respond to this.

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