Open Letter to the Maori People of New Zealand: Don’t Get Suckered; Don’t Get Used

Brilliant rebuttal! Please FORWARD WIDELY.

Dear Maori people of New Zealand:

According to Lincoln University:

“To Maori, water is an essential ingredient of life both physically and spiritually. It therefore gives mana or authority to people, so is very important. It is considered to be a treasure or taonga left by the ancestors for the life sustaining use of their descendants. Their descendants must guard these treasures and make sure they are handed on to the next generation in as good a state as they received them or better.”

Well then, each and every one of you should be disgusted and outraged at the fraud and mass chronic poisoning being forced upon you by New Zealand’s ‘Health’ authorities. Moreover, you should be doubly outraged that your identity and cultural heritage is being pimped out by a bunch of ruthless sociopaths, desperate to protect their ethically and pharmacologically flawed policy. What are we talking about here? Answer:

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