Moses Lost in the Desert of Ignorance

Freak’in BRILLIANT rebuttal – thank you for keeping on top of these industry shills – for this is no ‘doctor’ of medicine; but yet another chemical pushing industry pimp – and certainly no doctor of ‘goodness’ (as in the religious sense), for who in their right mind as a ‘healing’ doctor, would want everyone dosed up with S6/7 hydrofluorosilic acid waste?

**UPDATE: Full rebuttal published in the Curacao Chronicle**

Dr. Marilyn Moses MP (PAIS) Supports Fluoride In Drinking Water
Jul 24th, 2013 – Curaçao, Caribbean


1) “The member of Parliament for PAIS, Dr. Marilyn Moses indicated that she is in favor of fluoride in water. Because she’s a General Practitioner, her opinion weighs heavily in the discussion on fluoride in drinking water.”

As a General Practitioner, Dr. Moses should be familiar with the principle of individual informed consent to treatment. Water fluoridation, by its very nature, denies individuals the right to informed consent. As opposed to agents like chlorine, which are used to treat the water and make it safe to drink, fluoride is added to water with the express intent of treating people via the water. Dr. Moses is advocating a treatment that will go to all patients/consumers, regardless of age or health status, and she will not…

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