Department of ‘Health’ Drops a Smelly One

This really sums up the whole STINKING MESS of this issue. ‘Turd’ is the right word to use in this instance, as the ‘lesser’ of a more commonly spoken expletive that could have be used !


Rebuttal of Turd:

a) “Fluoride is a natural substance… a mineral found in food, water, plants and toothpaste.”

Firstly, water is fluoridated with toxic industrial waste products (mainly silicofluorides) (1), which do not occur naturally (2). Secondly, here is what Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has to say about sodium fluoride: “Sodium fluoride [used as] as a wood preservative, pesticide, insecticide, fungicide, rodenticide; also used in the manufacture of vitreous enamels, casein glues, coated papers and toothpaste” (3). But this factual description wouldn’t be too good for public relations. Good ol’ Dr. Bull (4) would be proud!

b) “Fluoride is not a medication.”

Yes it is. Fluoridation chemicals are added to your water supply – not to treat the water – but to use the water exclusively to treat you, the consumer (5) (6). This constitutes medication by any logical definition (7). Only a devious chemical cartel desperate to offload…

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