Anti-Fluoride Debater’s Opponent Turns Chicken

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Anti-Fluoride Debater's Opponent Turns Chicken

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Anti-Fluoride Debater’s Opponent Turns Chicken
Geelong Advertiser
Monday, 29 July, 2002

MORE than 60 people turned out to see a visiting US professor debate fluoridation with a life-size chicken.

Professor Paul Connett brought the stuffed hen to a weekend presentation after local health professionals refused to challenge him publicly on the issue.

He said the bright yellow bird symbolised the cowardly nature of pro-fluoride campaigners who lost their confidence when it came to open debate.

“Normally when we try to get a debate, the people who have spoken with enormous confidence in the community lose this confidence,” Prof Connett said.

“I am forced to wear a tie to symbolise that they were too chicken to debate, but today we have at last got an opponent.”

The chemistry professor, who has researched fluoride’s toxicity for six years, said many people fell into the trap of accepting health professionals’ support…

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