Fluoride Medical Fraud

GENRE: Email letter

TO: Leia Larsen, Reporter, Sky-Hi News; Various email Bcc list


DATE SENT:   Thursday, July 18, 2013 5:11 PM

TITLE: Fluoride Medical Fraud

STATUS: No response

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EXTERNAL LINKS: RE: Filtering through the confusion of fluoride

To: Leia Larsen <llarsen@skyhidailynews.com>

RE: Filtering through the confusion of fluoride

Hi Leia,

I found your article both shocking and appalling.

If you want to know the truth about this medical fraud then just watch this video that resulted in a successful class action against those who wish to force this poison on unsuspecting citizens and their animals.

From your article it is apparent you cannot discern fact from fiction.

Perhaps you will understand better if you watch a video that clearly and graphically shows the devastating effects this poison has on animals when they are forced to drink water containing 0.07 to 1.02mg per litre of fluoride, a level you maintain is safe.

If it kills horses and dogs what do you think it is doing to you and your loved ones?

No sane person would deliberately condone the adding of a poison to town water supplies without some hidden agenda. What’s yours?

Are you also aware that the FDA has never tested fluoride and is aware it is a poison, see:

Once you have had an opportunity to examine the real truth about fluoride, I would hope you will write a retraction and apologise for misleading your readers.

Best wishes



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