Exposing the Slick, Shameless Propaganda of NZ ‘Health’ Authorities

Truly, this is a disgraceful piece of propaganda. Thank you AFAM for rebutting this revolting piece of pure PR BS. Readers, please share this post widely.

** UPDATE: Activists strike back! **

Pro-F Propaganda Video

Fluoride video from the Ministry of Health
Uploaded by: Waikato DHB, New Zealand
Date: July 14, 2013


Claim 1: Fluoride is everywhere, in everything.

Response: “Fluoride as a drug has contaminated most processed foods and beverages throughout North America” (Limeback 2000). “The major dietary source of fluoride for most people in the United States is fluoridated municipal (community) drinking water, including water consumed directly, food and beverages prepared at home or in restaurants from municipal drinking water, and commercial beverages and processed foods originating from fluoridated municipalities” (NRC 2006, p. 24). Ergo, if municipal drinking water was no longer artificially fluoridated, general fluoride exposures would fall significantly. It is therefore misleading to imply that this type of exposure to fluoride would occur regardless of fluoridation. Furthermore, if fluoride is so abundant in nature…

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