Did you consent to this? RE: Concerns about Chinese Fluoride (2010 backdated)

GENRE: Two letters – Request/Response; Two comments.

TO:  State Members of Parliament and relevant Ministers (including local member, Barbara Stone); Various email Bcc list


DATE SENT:   17th Aug 2010

TITLE: Did you consent to this? RE: Concerns about Chinese Fluoride (2010 backdated)

STATUS: Response from Minister Roberts.

UPDATES:  Please post all updates and comments in the LEAVE A REPLY section below.

EXTERNAL LINKS: Attachments x 2 (Concerns about Water Fluoridation; Letter from Robertson – Re: Fluoride from China)


Fluoride from China – concerns

On 17th Aug 2010 I sent an email enquiring about the source of fluoride being used in Brisbane’s water to a number of State Members of Parliament and relevant Ministers, including my local member, Barbara Stone.  I suspected it came from China, as was the case in Cairns.  This concerned me, because China’s history of toxic exports is well documented.

Following up on this email, I was phoned by:

  • Linda, Assistant Department Liaison Officer (3234 1191) as a result of being referred to the Health minister by Barbara Stone.  She told me someone from Qld Health would contact me.
  • Karen De Jong, Qld Health (3413 1200) who told me to contact SEQ Water on    3035 5500.

I phoned SEQ Water on Monday 23rd August, and was told I would be put through to Mike Foster (Manager of Strategic Communications???).  The call went to his answering machine, so I left my phone number and asked about the source of Brisbane’s fluoride.  Mike Foster did not return my call.

Subsequently I found out that Mike Foster had been evasive over a number of months in answering similar questions posed by a representative of Queenslanders for Safe Water, Air and Food Inc. 

Meanwhile a staff member of a Member of Parliament from another electorate forwarded me a letter from Stephen Robertson MP, which confirmed Australian supplier, Quantum Chemicals, had been awarded a two year contract to supply fluoride to SEQ water, and they get their fluoride from Shanghai Mintchen Development Co, based in China.

This concerns me for the following reasons:

  • There seems to be a deliberate evasion by government members and health authorities of direct questions regarding water fluoridation. Surely members of the public have a right to know what they are being forcibly medicated with.
  • As mentioned above, China has a history of toxic exports.  This article from a recent Natural News newsletter verifies that fluoride from the same Chinese company our fluoride is sourced from, contains additional carcinogenic toxins: http://www.naturalnews.com/029477_fluoride_China.html
  • I find it deeply troubling that a foreign country – particularly one such as China –virtually has open access to our water supplies.  The possible implications don’t bear thinking about!  Is this Chinese fluoride ever independently tested by Australian authorities?  If so, how often?

I will address my concerns regarding water fluoridation in general in a separate document (ASWLA comment: see attachment below).

Sonja H

ATTACHMENT: Concerns about water fluoridation PDF



ATTACHMENT: Letter from Robertson re fluoride from China  PDF


AFAM Research & ASWLA COMMENT:  Did you consent to this?

“Health Hazard: Highly corrosive… Classified as a Schedule 7 (S7) Poison.”

[Did you give your medical ‘informed consent’ to have this product added to your water supply at 1 milligram per litre to ‘treat’ you for dental caries for the rest of your life?  Did you consent on behalf of your children?]

“Fluosilicic Acid… used for the Fluoridation of drinking water. Incitec Pivot manufactures the product in Geelong and Portland, Victoria, and distributes it nationally. Fluosilicic Acid is the most widely used fluoridation agent in Australia.”

[Why is an industrial chemical company supplying products for mass dental treatment? Did you give your individual medical informed consent for use of this product in your water supply?]


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