Pro-F Media Crazies Set Loose on Winnipeg

An absolute piece of trash journalism. Thank you AFAM for this excellent rebuttal:


Get a load of this stringy piece of gutter slime from Bartley Kives, who calls himself a ‘Reporter’. It seems Tory Shepherd may have met her Canadian match! In his latest column, Bartley goes on a wild rant about “anti-fluoride crazies,” “junk science” and “conspiratorial zeal,” yet he fails to address any arguments put forth by opponents of fluoridation and cites no references, nor makes any case, of his own. It seems that to move up the ranks of the mainstream media these days, you have to dig down deep into a trash can and pull out the mouldiest, smelliest fragments of intellectual excrement you can find. Bartley must be aiming for the top job. It’s rather difficult to rebut something so ridiculous, but in defence of the good citizens of Winnipeg and Calgary, we’ll give it a shot.


Claim: “Without fluoridated water, we’d be a bunch…

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