Submission for Letter to Editor (Coffs Coast Advocate)

GENRE: Letter to newspaper

TO:  The Editor, Coffs Coast Advocate; Bcc list

AUTHOR: David McRae

DATE SENT:   Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 6:36 PM

TITLE: Submission for Letter to Editor Coffs Coast Advocate

STATUS: Published, 13th July, 2013 in Coffs Coast Advocate (hard copy newspaper).

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Dear Editor

Okay, Wayne Duesbury loves fluoride (Letters 10/7). But how does he leap from there to believing it should be forced down our throats via our kitchen taps?

In the promotional material about water fluoridation authorities make wild medicinal claims about its power. In our society medicine is only supposed to be administered when the subject is properly informed about it, and gives consent.

Across NSW citizens have not been consulted and have not consented to receiving medicinal fluoride every time they drink, cook with tap water, or make tea or coffee.

More or less all of Europe, and most of the rest of the world has rejected fluoridation. Yet in Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, and on and on, we see dental health figures just as good as Australia. Apparently water fluoridation makes little difference.

If fluoridation is supposed to be the X-factor, why did all of the non-fluoridated countries achieve exactly the same dental improvement over the last 60 years?

Public water is for everyone – fluoride is not.

David McRae

Coffs Harbour, NSW

Footnote from the author, David McRae:  “The   site does not place all letters on it – as far as I can see. I can find a partial archive of letters , with the latest being on June 5.  So all I can tell you is that Wayne Duesbury’s first letter was 10/7.  My reply was printed  13/7.  And Waynes huge, long, rambling counter reply was yesterday 17/7. In which, as you could guess, he said nothing. ‘Europe achieves reduced tooth decay rates through salt fluoridation’ kind of thing.  I don’t have a scanner, so no scans of any of the letters.  Best I can do.  The letters might pop up on website sometime. Cheers, David”


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