Rebuttal: New South Wales Health, FAQ’s


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Water Fluoridation: Fact Sheet
New South Wales Health

Claim: “Fluoride can limit the amount of acid produced, and can also repair damage before it becomes permanent. A constant supply of a low level of fluoride in the mouth is best for this. In this way, fluoride in the water supply acts like a constant ‘repair kit’ for teeth.”

Response: First, health departments promoted the idea that fluoride had to be swallowed to be effective – that turned out to be incorrect. Now, even promoters of fluoridation admit that if there is any benefit from fluoride, it is topical (1). In the words of one leading expert (2) in the field of dental research, “It is well known that fluoride, if it has any benefit, provides its benefit through topical means, by exposing the teeth AFTER they erupt into the mouth, not systemically…

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