Critical Analysis: Wood, Curtin, Leggett, Farrar – TV One

Press Release (TV One) – July 8, 2013
A Panel Discussion (hosted by Susan Wood; featuring Jennifer Curtin, Nick Leggett and David Farrar)

Statement/Claim: “This seems as though it’s not an issue about science; it’s people’s values versus science.”

Response/Rebuttal: When a research team from the University of York examined the science on fluoridation, they concluded, “We were unable to discover any reliable good-quality evidence in the fluoridation literature world-wide.” For those who care to look, water fluoridation has a quality of evidence problem, thus to dismiss the entire movement of opposition to fluoridation as entirely “values-based,” is nothing more than a desperate propaganda tactic to keep the public away from this inconvenient fact. The truth is, many health issues remain unresolved, and the evidence for benefit from water fluoridation is very weak.

Statement/Claim: “But I trust the medical officer of health. I trust the…

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