A sincere Letter: The process and reasoning behind Fluoridation in Australia’s water?

GENRE: Letter/Email

TO:  Australian MP’s; Various email Bcc list

AUTHOR: Rachael W. & Rachael O’B.

DATE SENT:   Tuesday 25 June 2013 at 2:04pm

TITLE: A sincere Letter: The process and reasoning behind Fluoridation in Australia’s water?

STATUS: No response required.

UPDATES:  Please post all updates and comments in the LEAVE A REPLY section below.

To Whom This May Concern,

My name is Rachael W,

Recently, Rachael O’B and I researched the process and reasoning behind Fluoridation in Australia’s water.

There have been many concerns about this issue, first and most importantly:

It has given the misconception fluoride is good for our dental health. If this is the case, I already purchase my own fluoridated toothpaste? Why add it to water also? Inguesting it should not be needed, if this is the case it would need to be a topical application.

Research has also stated in more words than one, Sodium fluoride is NOT at all healthy for human consumption let alone our teeth, there has been studies that it has caused dental fluorosis! Due to this 98% of Europe’s water has not been fluoridated.

Are you aware that Sodium fluoride is toxic waste from the phosphate and aluminium mining industry? Also run off from fertilise manufacturing plants?  Also the ingredient found in rat sack? key compound in Prozac (anti depressants)

It is alarming to see the same products that kill rats and flattened Hiroshima is being consumed by Australians every day. What’s even more frightening; in the cold war America sourced tons of fluoride to supply its atom bomb production!! It was also in use of concentration camps by Hitler and Starlin. Saddam Hussein even found this chemical useful for harm. None of this sounds good to me.

Furthermore numerous studies on this particular chemical have been done over the duration of human consumption, Fluoride in these studies have revealed causes of numerous types of cancers, because it inhibits our cells from being able to repair themselves.

Fluoride is turning up in more of our every day products and by law if less than 5% of a ingredient is added then it does not have to appear on the ingredients listing:

 So how would anyone know their daily intake of this hazardous chemical?

I’m finding it hard to believe that anyone would know the real amount of fluoride consumed by an Australian in one day. The human stomach is highly acidic and delicate; when a human swallows fluoride the fluoride converts to hydrofluoric acid this acid then attacks the mucosa of our stomach lining. Hydrofluoric acid is also known to damage our immune system in small amounts. However this acid in large amounts will kill.

I hardly think you want me to go into detail, how this chemical could be endangering our wild life, the ocean and marine ecosystem, farm production, effects on our vegetables and underling ground water, health of the developing foetus, very young children or the sick i.e. kidney dialysis patients.

At the end of November last year, Queensland government handed the decision on fluoridation to local government, therefore allowing each local council to decide if they want to use the process of fluoridation. I also know that the town of Carnarvon in Western Australia recently refused the use of fluoride in their township.

 I ask we hand the decision back to local government to educate our state, and take it to the people for a vote, I think you owe us that.

One last thing I would like to voice, think of the money the state could save if it had no longer had to pay for toxic waste?

I strongly believe fluoride violates our medical ethics, our democratic right and our freedom of choice.

If you have read this email I would like to thank you for your time and appreciate a response of some sort, as I clearly find this a matter of importance

Yours Truly,

Rachael W & Rachael O’B.


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