Response to “Fluoride is helpful”, DM 17 June 2013

GENRE:  Email letter

TO:  The Editor, Daily Mercury;  Various email Bcc list

AUTHOR:  Ailsa B

DATE SENT: Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 3:03 PM

TITLE:  Response to “Fluoride is helpful”, DM 17 June 2013

STATUS: No response required.

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The Editor
Daily Mercury

Dear Editor

Indeed, “Fluoride is helpful” (Terry Willson, DM, 17/6/13):

It etches glass; deworms pigs; kills insects and rodents; is used in glue, fungicides, fumigants, welding flux, anaesthetics and medications as well as in leather and wood preservatives.

It makes Colgate heaps of money and, by extension, provides monetary grants for oral health researchers who then promote fluoridation which ultimately enhances the image of fluoride for Colgate (a revolving door of mutual back-scratching).

It aids professionals to attain positions within the ADA and the AMA for which they would be overlooked if they opposed its use.

Without fluoride, WW11 would not have ended in August 1945 and a Manhattan Project scientist/toxicologist would not have colluded with fluoride-polluting industry and the US Government to help bring about the birth of artificial water fluoridation (Google “Fluoride, Teeth and the Atomic Bomb”).

Without fluoride, the British Government’s WW11 sarin gas experiment on 200 Australian defence personnel would not have been approved (later aborted) by the Australian Government (fluoride is needed for sarin gas and A-bomb production).
But there is no way that Terry Willson can justify its addition to community water supplies when, even at the very low level of fluoride in Mackay’s fluoridated supply, it has been proven to adversely affect thyroid function (NRC 2006).

Also proven, “iodine-deficient humans” can have “thyroid effects” from ingesting four to five times less fluoride than “iodine-adequate” humans.

Yours truly

Ailsa B


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