Toilet Journalism just hit a new low…

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DATE OF BROADCAST:   Sun, Jun 2, 2013 at 9:22 AM

TITLE: Toilet Journalism just hit a new low…

STATUS: No response required.

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READ TORI SHEPHERD’s OPINION PIECE: ‘Misinformation on the Internet’ (Transcript)

TORI SHEPHERD COMMENTS:  “They are not just non-scientific or pseudoscientific, they are anti science.”

“I make the point about their behaviour because it shows that these people, like the climate change deniers and like the anti-vaxxers are not just gentle spiritual types, happy with their woo woo.  They’re not just hippies with crystals and chakras.  They are not just non-scientific or pseudoscientific, they are anti science. They expend enormous amounts of time and energy tracking down and attacking anyone who defends the science.”

THE PUBLIC RESPONSE: Misinformation on the Internet 60 COMMENTS


One comment on “Toilet Journalism just hit a new low…

  1. What a f****** gutter trollop this b**** is.

    What a f****** troll.

    I can’t wait to feel much better to let it rip all over this b****.

    I have to have my mind in gear so as not to go tooooooo overboard for her to come back at me and all the others like you guys fighting this war.

    The likes of her, just gets my blood boiling.

    I’d love to get a copy of my Dr’s certificate proving my skeletal fluorosis and wipe my arse with it and shove it in her face, breaking her nose at the same time!!!!!!!!!

    F****** MOLE!!!!!!

    Take care guys.

    ASWLA comment: This comment is retained with minor editing, as the reason we fight for safe-water as unpaid volunteers ie. this is the TRUE FACE of this chemical war. The hidden face of fury and, suffering; whilst the politicians, doctors and paid industry hacks, lie, and lie and lie. If nothing else, this comment epitomises a deeper feeling in the community – and a ‘reward’ for the work the fighters do, to stop this S6/7 poisoning.

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