Rebuttal: Dr. Jeff Smith, Tacoma

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TITLE: Rebuttal: Dr. Jeff Smith, Tacoma

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Fluoridation good for our health, good for our budgets
By Jeff Smith, M.D.

Claim: “Fluoridation is a common-sense health measure that reduces tooth decay by about 25 percent.”

Response: “In chapters 6–8, we examined in detail the evidence for fluoridation’s benefits and found it to be very weak. Even a 20 percent reduction in tooth decay is a figure rarely found in more recent studies. Moreover, we have to remember that percentages can give a very misleading picture. For example, if an average of two decayed tooth surfaces are found in a non-fluoridated group and one decayed surface in a fluoridated group, that would amount to an impressive 50 percent reduction. But when we consider the total of 128 surfaces on a complete set of teeth, the picture—which amounts to an absolute saving in tooth decay of a mere 0.8 percent—does not look so impressive” (Connett, Beck &…

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