Beck Defends Calgary, Again

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TITLE: Beck Defends Calgary, Again

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In February 2011, Dr. Paul Connett visited Mildura, our home town, to articulate the scientific and ethical case against fluoridation, for the benefit of our community. During his public presentation, he conveyed his excitement at the then recent news that Calgary (Alberta CA) had decided to end fluoridation, after 20 years. Dr. Connett’s Case Against Fluoride co-author, Dr. James Beck, had played an instrumental role in the victory.

Now, in 2013, Dr. Beck, a professor emeritus of medical biophysics at the University of Calgary, is once again having to defend his community from the pro-fluoridation Zealotry.

On May 22, Rob Breakenridge, a radio host, published an article in the Calgary Herald in which he claimed, “ending fluoridation was a rotten idea… The evidence that council made a mistake in 2011 is strong and compelling.” In this article, of course, Mr. Breakenridge drags out all the old pro-fluoridation “chestnuts.” Luckily, for the people…

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