Our 2013 Bent Spoon Award Nomination

Thank you so much for this rebuttal AFAM – very ‘bent-spoon’ worthy!

Rockhampton News Article

“Councillor Glenda Mather has been nominated for the not so sought after Bent Spoon Award bestowed by the Australian Skeptics group… for successfully getting fluoride removed from the local water supply, stating that ‘fluoride causes fluorosis and dementia.'”

Response to Australian Skeptics Inc.


“Fluorides also increase the production of free radicals in the brain through several different biological pathways. These changes have a bearing on the possibility that fluorides act to increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Today, the disruption of aerobic metabolism in the brain, a reduction of effectiveness of acetylcholine as a transmitter, and an increase in free radicals are thought to be causative factors for this disease. More research is needed to clarify fluoride’s biochemical effects on the brain. Studies of rats exposed to NaF or AlF3 have reported distortion in cells in the outer and inner layers of the…

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