Bent Spoon Award Nomination – Glenda Mather

GENRE: Email letter

TO: President Bruce, Skeptics

AUTHOR: Roy Schrieke, PhD (Chemistry)

DATE SENT: Fri, May 24, 2013 at 11:47 AM

TITLE: Bent Spoon Award Nomination – Glenda Mather

STATUS: Awaiting response(s)

UPDATES: Any updates should be posted in the comments section below

EXTERNAL LINK: J Colquhuon Why I Changed My Mind About Water Fluoridation 105

to: “” <>

Greetings President Bruce,

I was pleased to note your organisation’s acceptance of the nomination of Councillor Mather for the 2013 Bent Spoon Award.

This means that you will research the issue meticulously, unbiased and from both sides. It is about time an independent study was made.

As a professional research scientist with experience in and a good understanding of fluorine chemistry I have come to the conclusion that fluoridation of public water supplies with the aim of reducing tooth decay in the general public is bad science, bad ethics, bad law and bad medicine. It is one of the four greatest medical, corporate and industrial scams of the twentieth century.

The research that has been done supporting fluoridation is at best second rate and at worst bureaucratic whitewash. The primary literature is below A1 and sparse,  most of the rest is reliant on secondary and tertiary publications which are generally incestuous.

None of the research on fluoridation is definitive but there is mounting evidence of extensive harm caused by it. The most obvious being fluorosis which is widely dismissed by fluoridation supporters as only a cosmetic problem.

With your investigative capabilities I am sure you will uncover disturbing influences in factors that motivate fluoridation supporters. I think it should suffice for me to urge you to start your research on the issue and the motivation behind this nomination by searching the following authors and researchers and their outputs:

John Colquhoun, Paul Connett, Christopher Bryson, Declan Waugh and Bruce Spittle.

I shall be happy to provide you with any further thoughts and sources should you request them.

I look forward with interest to seeing the conclusions you reach.

Yours sincerely,

Roy Schrieke, PhD (Chemistry)


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