Request for Mayor to back her claim with sufficient peer-reviewed and published studies:

GENRE:  Email letter

TO:  Mr Barry Osmundson, Chief Executive Officer, Mackay Regional Council; Various email Bcc list

AUTHOR:  Ailsa B

DATE SENT:   Thu, May 9, 2013 at 1:32 AM

TITLE:  Request for Mayor to back her claim with sufficient peer-reviewed and published studies:

STATUS: No response as yet.

UPDATES:  Please post all updates and comments in the LEAVE A REPLY section below.




Dear Barry

The Mayor, Deirdre Comerford, uttered words to the effect that when she went looking for references to back what those opposing fluoridation wrote their claims fell down#1.

Councillor Comerford also claimed that the fluoride in the water is good for “your bones”#2.

In view of the above, would you please ask her to supply me, via yourself, peer-reviewed and published references to support her claim?  One study is not sufficient in view of the following:

Since 1990, there have been at least nineteen studies#3 (three unpublished, including one abstract) which have examined the possible relationship of fluoride in water and hip fractures in the elderly#4.

Eleven found an increased hip fracture rate#4.  Eight did not#4.  Of the latter 8 studies reporting no association between fluoridation and hip fracture, three of them reported an association between fluoridation and other forms of fracture.  Thus, of the nineteen studies, fourteen found increased rates of bone fractures associated with fluoridated water#5.

Interestingly, Alarcon-Herera et al (2001), in a cross-sectional representative survey of the 418,504 residents of the Guadiana Valley in the state of Durango in Mexico (which has naturally high fluoride levels – 1.5 to 5.0 mg/L – in the water) found that the incidence of bone fracture in both children and adults increased in a linear fashion with the severity of dental fluorosis.  It is well established that the greater exposure to fluoride the greater the severity of the resulting dental fluorosis.  The increase in bone fractures observed by Alarcon-Herera et al was not confined to just the severe stages of dental fluorosis, but was also apparent among the milder stages#5.

Upwards of 25% of fluoridated children in NSW suffer from dental fluorosis.  The eventual dental fluorosis in Mackay’s fluoridated children will likely approximate that rate found among fluoridated NSW children.

“One of the earliest trials of fluoridation (Newburgh, New York, versus Kingston, New York, 1945-1955) found approximately twice as many cortical bone defects in the fluoridated city, Newburg, compared with Kingston, the unfluoridated city.” #3  The cortical bone is the outer sheath of the bone which is critical for protection against breakage when the bone is exposed to a heavy blow or torsional stress#3.  Teeth are the windows to the bone!

To refresh you mind, I asked for Deirdre Comerford to supply me, via yourself, sufficient peer-reviewed and published evidence to support her claim that fluoride in water is good for “your bones”.

Thank you kindly

Ailsa B



#1  1:18 to 1:32 Video, Daily Mercury, 2/5/13.

#2  3:09 to 3:15 Video, Daily Mercury, 2/5/13.

#3  Annex 2, Page 289 The Case Against Fluoride by Paul Connett PhD, James Beck MD, PhD and H. S. Micklem DPhil

#4  Page 175, Part 4, The Evidence of Harm, Fluoride and bone The Case Against Fluoride by Paul Connett PhD, James Beck MD, PhD and H. S. Micklem DPhil.

#5  IFIN Bulletin #854:  Public Health Warning on Fluoridation #5: September 19, 2003: P. Connett


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