Attn: Professor Boase – Fluoridation Medical Fraud

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TITLE: Attn: Professor Boase – Fluoridation Medical Fraud

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RE: Editors note: The chemicals used in Cairns water were inclusive of Sodium fluorosilicate – Toxic Skull & Crossbones.

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Dear Professor Boase

I was shocked and appalled by your views concerning the safety and efficacy of ingesting fluoridated water.

As you would be aware, water fluoridation has been ruled by Courts to be mass medication because fluoride is added to the water to treat the “patient” not the water and fluoridated water is made to a formula.

You are no doubt familiar with the Section 13 of the Medical Practice Act whereby only licensed practitioners are permitted to practice medicine. Councils are not medical practitioners and are clearly dispensing medicine without a licence. What are you views on this?

With regard to the medical fraud, one only has to be familiar with the water fluoridation legislation and the reasons for its being enacted. Please read the following and then convince me it is safe to ingest fluoridated water.

The Fluoridation Legislation

The introduction to the Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Act 1957 No 58, New South Wales states:

Current version for 8.8.2008 to date (generated on 15.03.2011 at 10:04)

An Act to authorise and control the addition of fluorine to public water supplies; and

For purposes connected therewith.

The definitions

for this Act then state:

3 Definitions

In this Act, unless the context or subject matter otherwise indicates or requires:

Committee means the Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Advisory Committee constituted under this Act.

Fluorine includes any compound of fluorine

Prescribed means prescribed by this Act or regulations.

Public water supply means any water supply used for supplying water to the public.

Regulations means regulations made under this Act.

Secretary means the Secretary of the Department of Health.

Water supply authority means any person or body, corporate or unincorporated, who or which supplies water to the public.

This introduction makes it clear the purpose of this law is to fluoridate any water supply used for supplying water to the public and the type of fluoride must be fluorine and fluorine compounds. With regard to fluorine, the Therapeutic Goods Agency TGA) has provided me with the following written information:

You should also note that atomic fluorine “F” may be strongly bound into many other substances including some medicines and household products such as Teflon. These substances are not salts and do not release fluoride ion when added to water and are therefore not considered to be fluorides or a source of fluoride. While some of these other fluorine containing substances may have individual entries in the SUSMP, they are not included in either the entry for the parent acid or the entries for “fluorides”. They are also not permitted additives to water.

This statement contradicts the purpose of the fluoridation legislation, as fluorine and some substances containing fluorine do not release fluoride ion when added to water and is therefor not considered to be fluorides or a source of fluoride. Furthermore fluorine and fluorine substances not considered salts are “not permitted additives to water”. Some fluorine compounds are considered to be salts, such as Sodium Fluoride, and these are listed as poisons by the TGA as follows:

“Fluorides” for human use, that is for dental products, medicines and the like, are listed in Schedules 2, 3 and 4 of the current SUSMP. The entries for “fluorides” in Schedules 5 and 6 are for uses other than human use. Please note however, that although fluorides for human uses are listed in Schedules 2, 3 and 4 and conditions/requirements are specified for their supply to the public, there is a specified concentration of fluorides (15mg/kg and less), below which they are excluded from the all the scheduling requirements in the SUSMP. Fluorides are not listed in Schedule 7 of the current SUSMP.

The Act then goes on to state:

6 Addition of fluorine to public water supplies

(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in any other Act, a water supply authority may, subject to the provisions of this section and the regulations, add fluorine to any public water supply under its control.

(1A) Notwithstanding anything contained in any other Act, a water supply authority shall, subject to this Act and the regulations, add fluorine to any public water supply under its control, if directed to do so by the Secretary.

(2) A water supply authority shall not add fluorine to any public water supply except with the approval of or at the direction of the Secretary.

(3) A person, not being a water supply authority, shall not add fluorine to any public water supply.

This section clearly contravenes the advice given to me by the TGA, the government body responsible for ensuring therapeutic goods are safe for human consumption. The view that the Act requires fluorine compound additives that are dangerous is consistent with the following provisions of the Act.

11 Regulations

(1) The Governor may make regulations not inconsistent with this Act for or with respect to:

(a) the protection of persons employed in adding fluorine to any public water supply frominhaling fumes or dust containing fluorine,

(B) the qualifications of persons employed in operating plant or equipment used for adding fluorine to any public water supply,

(c) the disposal or destruction of containers from which fluorine has been removed for addition to any public water supply,

(d) requiring a water supply authority to whom an approval under this Act has been granted or direction given to make analyses and the prescribed tests of samples of water taken at such points as the Secretary determines from the public water supply in respect of which such approval was granted or direction given and to forward to the Secretary samples of water so taken from such public water supply,

(e) prescribing the method of making such analyses and tests and the times or intervals at which such analyses and tests shall be made,

This regulation makes it clear that fluorine is a highly hazardous chemical and needs to be strictly regulated for Occupational, Health and Safely requirements. However, there is no provision in this Act for the protection of those ingesting this poison through their water supplies. Only claims that is good for them. The Introduction of the New South Wales Code of Practice for Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies claims

1 Introduction – Water Fluoridation

Water fluoridation is the upward adjustment of fluoride in water to optimal levels to help prevent tooth decay. The optimal level of fluoridation is the level of fluoride in the community water supply that is associated with the maximum reduction of dental decay in the population and the minimal occurrence of any adverse dental effects. Fluoridation of drinking water at optimal levels remains the most significant dental public health program in Australia. Water fluoridation delivers the most effective, efficient and socially equitable means of achieving community wide exposure to the dental decay preventive effects of fluoride.

This clearly purports that the type of fluoride being added to the reticulated water supplies is to prevent tooth decay and it is an efficient and socially equitable means of achieving community wide exposure to the dental decay preventive effects of fluoride. As stated earlier, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. The type of fluoride the legislation requires Councils to add to water supplies is fluorine compounds that come into existence from the production of aluminium and phosphate fertilizers. These compounds do not provide an upward adjustment of fluoride that occurs naturally in the water supplies. The only naturally occurring fluorine compound is calcium fluoride and it is also a poison. The fluorine compounds simply add toxic fluoride waste streams that are dangerous to come into contact with, let alone ingest. They are not natural fluorides and are extremely hazardous as the Code clearly proves as Sections 5 to 7 deal with the safety standards in treating these fluoride chemical wastes streams. For example: Where hydrofluosilicic acid is used electrical control cubicles for the fluoridation plant shall be located so as to minimise deterioration due to corrosion and to minimise the need for staff to enter the fluoridation plant room or specific areas where fluoridation equipment is installed

The Act and Code are available at the following links:

Fluorine is an element in the halogen group, as are chlorine and iodine. Of all the known elements, fluorine is the most chemically reactive, most powerful oxidizing, and most electronegative element. It is a stronger oxidizing element than ozone and reacts with many compounds at room temperature. It is never found in its pure form in nature. Fluoride is any combination of fluorine with another element or chemical group of elements, thus the addition of fluorides to the drinking water can indicate the addition of a large number of chemical agents. To know more about this, please see attached scientific document, Fluoride and Dementia. Also please watch:

By definition, the fluoridation law is deliberately and specifically drafted to force Councils to add industrial grade highly hazardous fluoride chemical waste streams to their water supplies purportedly to prevent tooth decay. The Act does not allow Councils to add calcium fluoride, which is found naturally in waterways and oceans. There is anecdotal evidence it is the only type of fluoride that may prevent or delay tooth decay when used in small quantities. Teeth are made of calcium. However, even calcium fluoride is a poison as it consists of fluorine and other chemicals.

The legislation is not designed to prevent or delay tooth decay as strenuously stated by the Health departments, AMA and ADA. The legislation is a massive medical fraud and its sole purpose is to enable industry to dump its toxic waste without fear of prosecution by the EPA and the TGA. It is corrupt legislation designed to save industry untold millions of dollars. With regard to the EPA, it has provided me with written advice as follows:

As such, the drinking water treatment plants that are operated by Shoalhaven City Council do not hold any licences with the EPA. Accordingly, the EPA does not have any role or oversight with respect to the addition of fluoride to the reticulated water supply by Shoalhaven City Council. Further, the OPEO Act prohibits the disposal direct to waterways of fluoride waste streams that are generated from industrial or manufacturing processes.

While the EPA maintains it is an offence to dispose of the fluorine compounds (i.e. fluoride waste streams) directly into waterways the fluoridation legislation is enacted to protect industries and Councils from prosecution for poisoning the reticulated water supplies, waterways and environment. This corrupt legislation does not benefit unsuspecting consumers, only the industries selling their toxic waste to Councils, and having them dump it into consumers and their environment.


The fluorine added to drinking water is a by-product of aluminium and phosphate fertilizer manufacture. As it is illegal to release these toxic fumes into the atmosphere they are captured by industrial scrubbers and in the process combine with other elements and chemicals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminium, cadmium, etc. This process converts the fluorine fumes into a salt, such as Sodium Fluoride, which the TGA has advised me are classified as S6 poisons in the Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Medicines and Poisons (SUSMP). Other fluorides come into existence as compounds containing both fluorine and silicon, which are called “Fluorosilicates” and include fluorosilicic acid, fluorosilicate, hydrofluosilicic acid and hexafluorosilicic acid. In effect, the fluorides added to water supplies are a combination of a banned substance, fluorine, and other highly hazardous chemicals, all of which are deleterious to human health. This view is consistent with the TGA advice, The entries for “fluorides” in Schedules 5 and 6 are for uses other than human use.

The water fluoridation legislation has the sole purpose of allowing poisonous fluorine compounds to be dumped into Council water supplies in order to save industry the millions of dollars it would have to pay to have these classified poisons disposed of legally. It is a corrupt law and only serves to prevent industry from prosecution for dumping toxic waste by-product into citizen’s water supplies. It has nothing to do with preventing or delaying tooth decay.

Now you know the truth about the type of fluoride added to reticulated water supplies, I trust you will recant your public comments and support those who are trying to expose this medical fraud for what it really is.

Yours faithfully

John T

Dementia caused by Fluoride


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