Your decision on fluoridation

TO: Mayor Tom Tate (Gold Coast)

 AUTHOR: Roy Schrieke – PhD (Chemisty)

DATE SENT:  Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 10:34 AM

TITLE:   Your decision on fluoridation

STATUS: No response.

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To: “Mayor Tom Tate <>

Dear Mayor Tate,

I understand your council is considering the issue of fluoridation. I urge you to not proceed with it or to stop it where you have already commenced.

I am one of more than 3500 professional, worldwide, who have signed a resolution to have the forced fluoridation of public drinking water stopped.

Please consider the facts that have emerged over the last two decades that demonstrate that there are serious concerns about the adverse effects of fluoride, even at such low concentration as 1 ppm, on animal and human health.

Please examine carefully, not only the advice of your Health Services staff, but also that of the professional experts who have studied this issue and have come out against it.

Examine particularly the Ireland experiment. It presents a unique case study for comparing a large community without fluoridation (Northern Ireland) and an even larger community with mandated fluoridation (Republic of Ireland). The work on this subject, by environmental scientist, Declan Waugh, has brought this to world attention.

When you consider this issue, please ask yourself, and your advisers,  the questions posed in the attached document.

It is my view, after considerable review of the available information, that fluoridation is bad science, bad ethics, bad law and bad medicine. It represents one of the four greatest medical frauds of the twentieth century, ranking with the asbestos industry, big tobacco and the petroleum industry with its lead in petrol.

It is my hope that, if you do reject fluoridation, that you reallocate the funds saved to educate the public and service dental health in the community, especially for the young people, as dental health is the foundation of good overall health.

Yours sincerely,

Roy Schrieke PhD (Chemistry)


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