Response to_MP gnashes teeth over fluoride cuts_BT_22.2.13

GENRE: Email letter

TO: The Editor – Mr Simon Holt – Brisbane Times


DATE SENT:  Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 12:26 PM

TITLE:  Response to_MP gnashes teeth over fluoride cuts_BT_22.2.13

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To: The Editor

Mr Simon Holt

Brisbane Times

Bcc  Tony Moore

Dear Editor

If the Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek (“MP gnashes teeth over fluoride cuts”, BT, 22/2) bothered to educate himself he could discover:

Slade et al (1996) found an infinitesimal difference, all ages, of 0.23 of one tooth surface out of more than 100 tooth surfaces in a child’s mouth, when comparing fluoridated Townsville children with non-fluoridated Brisbane children;

The 65% benefit claimed by Bligh & Co was 0.17 of one tooth surface for 7-year-olds (Slade et al);

Armfield & Spencer (2004) found “no significant difference” in a study of more than 13,000 SA children:  i.e. males with and without fluoride were identical; the females without a lifetime of fluoridated water were 0.10 of one tooth surface better than those females with a lifetime of fluoridation;

Brunelle & Carlos (1990) compared 39,206 children, across 84 US communities.  They reported an 18% difference for all ages.  The 18% was 0.6 of one tooth surface.

The 39,206 was representative of a population almost double that of Australia’s.

Thus, we could assume, if Australians were 100% fluoridated the “benefit” they could expect would be no more than 0.23 of one tooth surface.

Drilling, filling and “shilling” might be Minister Langbroek’s forte:  it is apparently not fluoride dental studies.

Yours truly

Ailsa Boyden



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