Request for MSDS sheets – tap water chemicals?

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DATE SENT:   Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 1:08 PM
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Hi Tony
As you are no doubt aware, I have sent a Notice of Liability  to the councilors, requesting they stop poisoning the Shoalhaven with the toxic chemical wastes. I previously requested the name of the Council’s waste suppliers and was informed as follows:

I am not in a position to provide the details of Council’s purchases of its chemical products at this time owing to commercial sensitivities which may disadvantage Council in future competitive tendering processes. I can advise however that Council uses Australian companies with commitment to quality under ISO9001:2008 and who provide a product which conforms to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

As a resident exposed to these chemical products I am entitled to know what type of chemicals are being delivered into my home via tap water without my consent. I would  appreciate your e-mailing me a copy of the various suppliers’ Materials Safety Data Sheets, as I need to know what I am being exposed to.

Best wishes



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