Notice of Liability

GENRE: Email letter

TO: Mayor’s and Councillors of NSW


DATE SENT:  Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 11:42 AM

TITLE:  Notice of Liability

STATUS: Awaiting response(s)

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Dear Mayor and Councilors

You are no doubt aware I have made a number of representations to Shoalhaven Water expressing my concerns about the water quality being delivered to my home in Bomaderry.

After protracted inquiry I have now been able to ascertain the following about the quality of the Shoalhaven Water supply. In their responses to my concerns the following has been provided:

Fluoride is naturally present in low concentrations in Shoalhaven Water’s sources. In addition fluoride is used to prevent dental decay in accordance with the NSW Fluoridation Code of Practice 2011. It is a safe effective way of providing benefit to individuals of all ages in the community. Extensive research supports water fluoridation as an effective measure in preventing and reducing tooth decay.

Fluoride that is added to Shoalhaven Water’s drinking supply must comply with stringent quality requirements under the NSW Fluoridation Code of Practice 2011. Drinking Water supplied by Shoalhaven Water is fluoridated to a concentration of 1 mg/L and is continually monitored on a daily basis with all results given to the NSW Health each month.

I have attached below a link which provides a good overview of common frequently asked questions regarding water fluoridation:

I am not in a position to provide the details of Council’s purchases of its chemical products at this time owing to commercial sensitivities which may disadvantage Council in future competitive tendering processes. I can advise however that Council uses Australian companies with commitment to quality under ISO9001:2008 and who provide a product which conforms to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Shoalhaven has 4 distinct water supply systems in operation within the city.  Sodium Fluoride (Kangaroo Valley Supply) and Sodium Silicafluoride (Bamarang Flatrock and Southern) is used as applicable.

Discharges to the environment from Council facilities are regulated via EPA licences. All Council’s licences can be viewed at


I have enclosed for your information copies of the last 4 months Drinking Water Quality Summary for the water supply systems showing the results against the Australian Drinking Water Guideline. These are also available on our Website  

The water supplied by Shoalhaven Water is treated to meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG). These Guidelines have been developed by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). The ADWG is designed to provide an authoritative reference to the Australian community and the water supply industry on what constitutes safe good quality water how this can be achieved and assured.

In relation to your question about industrial grade chemical waste our letter of 11 December indicated to you that Shoalhaven Water is required to fluoridate its supplies to a level determined by NSW Government Health.

The supply of water to properties in the Shoalhaven meets the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines which have been developed by the National Health and Medical Research Council. The option to apply a filter to this water for drinking purposes is a matter for each customer and for your consideration if one has a sensitivity or concern about quantity.

You have separately sought comment from the EPA regarding licences and they have responded direct to you in that regard including the discharge of fluoride into the waterway. The have also indicated to you the EPA has no role in additives being placed into drinking water.

The treatment details of water supply are not contained on the “rate notices” nor any other charges or metering information for supply of that service to your property.

In summary the information given to me by Shoalhaven Water is as follows:

 The waterways of the Shoalhaven already contain natural fluoride.

 The fluoride added to the reticulated water supply by council is industrial grade chemical waste in the form of Sodium Fluoride and Sodium Silicafluoride.

 Shoalhaven Water is aware it is adding industrial grade chemical waste to the reticulated water supply and is doing so because of NSW Health regulations.

 Shoalhaven Water will not disclosed the name of the supplier of this industrial grade chemical waste but has assured me it is quality standard.

 The quality of the water supply is set by the NHMRC guidelines and is monitored daily and this data is reported monthly to NSW Health.

 Shoalhaven Water is aware only around 1% of the water supply is for drinking purposes with the other 99% finding its way into the environment.

 Shoalhaven Water holds licences from the Environment Protection Authority (EPA)allowing it to dump industrial grade chemical waste into the reticulated water supply.

 When I checked with the NSW  EPA Shoalhaven Water conceded it does not hold any licences from the EPA allowing it to add industrial grade chemical waste to its reticulated water supply.

 Shoalhaven Water is aware some consumers may have a sensitivity or aversion to the quality of its drinking water recommending they purchase a filter or install a tank.

 Shoalhaven Water has its water quality tested monthly by NSW Health who use independent NATA certified laboratories not the EPA.

 Shoalhaven Water does not advise rate payers on “rate notices” of the treatment methods applied to the reticulated water supply. There are no chemical wastes warnings about health hazards from ingesting and being otherwise exposed to the chemical toxins added to the water supply.

After being advised of the types of fluoride used by Shoalhaven WaterI raised my concerns about industrial grade chemical waste and its accompanying heavy metals such as leadarsenicaluminiummercury and cadmium being added to the reticulated water supply.  Shoalhaven Water defended its right to poison the water on medical groundsi.e. the additives are for the purpose of preventing and reducing tooth decay. I also raised concerns about the 99% of polluted reticulated water finding its way into the environment. Shoalhaven Water defended its right to do this by citing the NSW Health fluoridation regulationsmaintaining it is safe good quality water as it meets the NHMRC drinking water guidelines.

In view of the above I wish to inform the Council of my Notice of Liability concerning these matters on the following grounds:

 Shoalhaven Water has implemented a health policy administered by the NSW Health Department in conjunction with the NHMRC whereby it is systematically medicating the entire community to treat tooth decay. This view is supported by the fact the chemical Chlorine is added to treat the water while the chemical “Fluoride” is added to treat consumers (“patients”). The treatment of tooth decay is clearly medication. This view is comprehensively  discussed legally by an expert witness in legal terms at:

 Shoalhaven Water in the course of medicating its community has chosen to ignore the environmental damage resulting from this policy.

 This policy decision by Shoalhaven Water is adversely affecting all residents in the Shoalhaven Council. This policy is also resulting in great harm to the environment.

The liability implications for continuing with this policy are:

 Shoalhaven Water by promoting “Fluoride” as medication is engaging in illegal acts.

 Claiming “Fluoride” is a medicine though never tested by the proper authoritythe TGA. All medications should be rigorously tested and approved by the TGA The practice of medicine without a licence by Shoalhaven Water The diagnosis and treatment of residents (“patients”) without a medical examinationtheir knowledge or consent Administering uncontrolled doses of medication without a medical licence Administering medication without any control over duration of use The prescribing and dispensing of medicine without inquiry into pre-existing conditions and contraindications or conflicts with other drugs being taken by “patients”.

 The practice of dispensing medicine without a prescription and failing to advise “patients” of any of the harmful side effects from ingesting industrial grade chemical wasteleadarsenicmercurycadmiumaluminiumetc..

 Shoalhaven Water has failed its Public Trust obligations and duty of care by publicly stating the drinking water quality is safegood quality water when in fact it contains industrial grade chemical waste and its accompanying heavy metals scientifically proven to cause cancers and other serious ailments. I do not know who supplies this waste to Shoalhaven Water. NeverthelessI have attached the Safety Data Sheets for an Australian company (Orica)supplying this waste to councils as “Fluoride”. These Sheets make it clear just how hazardous this waste is.

 The pollution of the environment by Shoalhaven Water and its the unknowing residents without EPA licences. This could be a serious breach of the provisions of Section 111 and Section 112 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1957and a Court case about this matter is being heard in the Land and Environment Court later this month. If this action is successful Shoalhaven Water may be exposed to similar actionresulting in damages being awarded against it.

 Shoalhaven Water is engaged in a practice of deliberately deceiving and misleading its residents by implying the added “Fluoride” is safe by stating “fluoride occurs naturally in waterways” when the fluoride added to the reticulated water supply is industrial grade chemical waste and heavy metals.

 Shoalhaven Water is deliberately misleading residents into thinking it has EPA licences to dump toxic waste into the environment when the EPA does not issue licences for reticulated water supplies. The EPA treats the dumping of this toxic waste into oceans as an illegal activity. It is clear it would never issue a licence for reticulated water usage. The EPA treats fluoride as an environmental pollutant but purportedly has no power to stop it being dumped into drinking water.

 Shoalhaven Water is deliberately discriminating against the poorer residents. Those residents who may have a sensitivity or aversion to drinking contaminated water are unable to afford expensive filters. The only filters able to remove “Fluoride” are reverse osmosis and water distillers. While it is possible to eliminate chlorine from drinking water by boiling itboiling or cooking with fluoride just concentrates the fluoride in the liquid that is leftrendering it more toxic and harmful. Even if residents could afford filters they are still exposed to the contaminated water every time they showerwash their handseat and drink food processed using tap water. This is a breach of Public Trust obligationsas all residents should receive safe good quality water without fear of adverse affects.

There are other issues the Council should be aware of regarding the fluoridation of the reticulated water supply. The liabilities highlighted above are consistent with legal opinions used in class actions against councils fluoridating reticulated water supplies. One example is attached for your information and consideration.

Now that the council is aware of some of its liabilities concerning fluoridationas a resident I insist the practice be discontinued for the sake of all those living in the Shoalhaven. I have not given my consent for this mass medicationnor has any other resident. I might add the medication being dispensed has not been approved by TGA. There is no control over dosage and Shoalhaven Water cannot guarantee residents will not receive toxic dosesparticularly babiespeople with kidney diseasediabetesthyroid diseaseosteoporosis and chemical sensitivity.

If the council decides to continue with the systematic poisoning of the residents on the pretext is prevents tooth decayI will make a formal complaint to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). When making the complaintI will allege the council is complicit in aiding and abetting the NSW Health in fraudulently medicating the people of NSW.

As Shoalhaven Water has confirmed that Fluoride is naturally present in low concentrations in Shoalhaven Water’s sourcesthere is no need to add fluoride chemical wastes streams to satisfy the requirements of the fluoridation regulations. Fluoride in its natural state is already present in the reticulated water supply. Consequentlythe reticulated water supply is already fluoridated naturally and satisfies the regulations. With regard to the levels of fluoride in the water supplythe NMHRC guidelines are simply that. The NMHRC does not have any legal power to enforce its guidelines asaccording to Shoalhaven Water they are only an authoritative reference.

The continual reliance on the fluoride regulation to justify systematically medicating (poisoning) the people of the Shoalhaven is a crime. The Crimes Act prevents any grievous bodily disease (in which case a reference to the infliction of grievous bodily harm includes a reference to causing a person to contract a grievous bodily disease).

By relying on fluoride regulation Shoalhaven Water considers it is acceptable to cause grievous bodily harm by systematically poisoning its residents by forcing them to unknowingly ingest a highly hazardous chemical waste linked to cancerAlzheimer’s diseasedementiaheart diseaseetc. See link below and attached fluoride side effects listing.

Shoalhaven Water does not have any role in treating the health of its residents. Nor is it legally entitled to dispense medicinein this case one not approved by the TGA. Its sole role is to deliver safe good quality water and this should not require any residents to purchase filters or rain water tanks because they have a “sensitivity” or aversion to ingesting and being exposed to the contaminated tap water currently supplied. The medication of residents is an illegal activity by Shoalhaven Water and a failure by it to fulfil its Public Trust and Duty of Care obligations. It is also an abuse of power.

Furthermoreunder the Medical Practice Act 1994 it is illegal to practise medicine without a licence.

To further understand the serious implications of fluoridationplease watch the following videosrevealing the truth about this systematic poisoning of citizens.

While this video supports the corruption allegationsit applies to the USA. The following video applies to similar practices in Australia.

Once you examine the matters I have raised and the supporting documentary evidence I have providedplease let me know of your decision.

I might add that this medical fraud affects everyonenot just someone else living in the Shoalhaven. When making your decisionplease bear in mind you and your loved ones are subjected to this medical fraud every time you have a drinkeat processed foodtake a showerwash your handsor water your vegetable garden. This poison is in the food chain as tap water is used in many processed foods and drinks. It is not enough to simply purchase a water filter or rain tank.

The Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies ACT 1957 No. 58 gives the Health Minister the power to revoke the fluoridation of the Shoalhaven Water’s reticulated water supply as follows:

6B Discontinuance of fluoridation

(1) A water supply authority to which an approval has been granted or a

direction has been given shall not discontinue fluoridating the public

water supply concernedunless the approval or direction is revoked by

the Secretary.

In view of this provision and the serious issues raised in this Notice it would be prudent for Shoalhaven Water to write to the Health Ministerrequesting approval for the discontinuance of fluoridation of its reticulated water supply for the following reasons:

 The adding of fluoride to the reticulated water supply is mass medication as its sole purpose is to treat consumers for tooth decay.

 As fluoride is a medicineit is illegal for Shoalhaven Water to practice medicine without a medical licence for the reasons stipulated early in this Notice. The Medical Practice Act makes it illegal for a person to practice medicine without a licence.

 Shoalhaven Water does not have the legal right to dispense medicine without a prescriptionconsentknowledgeetc. of  the people of the Shoalhaven Shoalhaven Water is an authority established solely for the purpose of delivering safe good quality to the residents of the Shoalhaven. It is not responsible for health issuesas that is the role of the NSW Health Department Shoalhaven Water has a serious conflict of interest by continuing with fluoridationas this practice violates it legal obligation to deliver safe good qualify water to Shoalhaven residents. The fluoride added to the reticulated water supply is an industrial grade chemical waste containing heavy metalsincluding leadarsenicmercuryaluminiumcadmiumetc. By being forced to add these contaminates Shoalhaven Water cannot fulfill its primary and only purposeto deliver safe good quality water to its residents Shoalhaven Water may be liable under the Crimes Act for causing grievous bodily disease by knowingly forcing its residents to ingest contaminated drinking water. The fact the water is contaminated is consistent with the water quality data submitted to NSW Health each month. Shoalhaven Waste is aware some of its residents have a “sensitivity” or an aversion to ingesting fluoride. The fluoride chemical waste streamstogether with the accompanying heavy metals have been linked to a number of serious illnesses – see attached fluoride side effects listing. The scientific evidence is mounting every day concerning the harmful side effects of fluoride while the harmful effects of ingesting leadarsenicmercuryaluminiumcadmium is well established Shoalhaven Water is aware fluoride is only effective in treating tooth decay topicallyand it is therefore pointless to ingest it. The best and safest way to treat tooth decay is by the use of dental oral products such as fluoride toothpaste and mouthwashes.

 Shoalhaven Water is aware 99% of the fluoride added to the reticulated water supplies is not ingestedbut finishes up in the environmentcausing serious damage to the Shoalhaven land and waterwaysThis is a serious breach of Sections 111 and 112 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

 Shoalhaven Water cannot fulfill its Public Trust and Duty of Care obligations by practicing medicine without a licence and adding contaminants to the reticulated water supply. It is in breach of its obligationsallowing its residents to unknowingly poison themselves and their environment by using fluoridated tap water. The Therapeutic Goods Agency has never tested fluoride for safety and efficacy and has listed it as a poisonunfit for human consumption. The Environmental Protection Authority has stated it is illegal to dump fluoride into the waterwaysas it is a toxic waste chemical.

If Shoalhaven Water writes to the Health Ministerplease provide me with a copy of the request for cancellation of its fluoridation certificate. If it does not write to the Health Ministerraising its concerns about the mass medication of the Shoalhaven people and their environmentthis will further support my allegations it is complicit in carrying out this medical fraud.

When writing to the Health Minister it would be appropriate to request the legal reasons for refusing to cancel Shoalhaven Water’s fluoridation certificateif the request is denied. This would include the scientific researchbased on human and animal studiessupporting the claim“fluoride is safe and effective” and does not produce any harmful side effects. Also how Shoalhaven Water is not only legally able to practice medicine but in a manner that is illegal for registered medical practitioners. The Health Minister can be contacted at:

I would appreciate a response to these matters within the next 28 days.

Yours faithfully

John T


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