Fluoride Mass Medication

GENRE: Email letter

TO:  The Hon. Kevin Humphries MP, Minister for Mental Health,

Minister for Healthy Lifestyles, Minister for Western New South Wales


DATE SENT:  Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 11:08 AM

TITLE: Fluoride Mass Medication

STATUS: Awaiting response(s)

UPDATES: Any updates should be posted in the comments section below

ATTACHMENTS: x 4 at bottom of letter

to: office@humphries.minister.nsw.gov.au

cc: office@skinner.minister.nsw.gov.au


The Hon. Kevin Humphries MP

Minister for Mental Health

Minister for Healthy Lifestyles

Minister for Western New South Wales


Dear Mr Humphries

Thank you for your letter of 29 January 2013.

As you have acknowledged in your letter did not write to you.

I wrote about my concerns to the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and the Centre for Oral Health Strategy (OCSH) on advice received from the Therapeutic Goods Agency and the information contained in the NSW Health Facts Sheet on Fluoridation. Consequently I was surprised to hear from you in this regard particularly after I had threatened to take my concerns to the NSW Ombudsman due to a lack of response from these departments after a reasonable amount of time.

In your reply to my concerns you have stated:

The NSW Ministry of Health’s policy on water fluoridation is that it is a safe effective and equitable means of reducing dental decay at a population level. In 2007after evaluating the latest scientific evidence the National Health and Medical Research Council concluded that water fluoridation should continue as a primary tool in the prevention of tooth decay.

The overwhelming weight of scientific evidence does not link water fluoridation at optimal levels (one part per million) to any health related problems.

Your concerns have been noted however NSW Ministry of Health remains committed to the promotion of water fluoridation in NSW as a public health measure in preventing tooth decay.

I am now writing to the private man in the role of Minister for Mental Health Minister for Healthy Lifestyle and Minister for Western NSW South Wales I.e. Kevin Humphries.  Clearly you have stated you have overwhelming scientific evidence that the ingestion of sodium fluoride and sodium silicofluoride and its accompanying heavy metals is not only safe and effective but prevents tooth decay.  I stipulated sodium fluoride and sodium silicofluoride because they are the fluoride chemical waste streams brought to your attention in my previous correspondence. I now request this scientific evidence. Any evidence provided by you should be based on peer scientific studies. It should be based on human and/or animal studies proving this poison is not only harmless but also safe and effective.

Your letter also referred me to a link as follows:

If you like more information on water fluoridation I encourage you to visit the Website at www.fluoridenow.com.au.

I did visit this link, the Australian Dental Association site and was informed as follows:

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is the ion that comes from the naturally occurring element fluorine. Fluorine is never encountered in its free state in nature because it combines with other elements as fluoride compounds in the earth. Water dissolves these compounds creating fluoride ions. Fluoride is present in all water sources including the oceans.

In my correspondence to the NHMRC and the COHS the matters I raised related specifically to sodium fluoride and sodium silicofluoride neither of which is present in all water sources including the oceans. These industrial grade highly hazardous chemical waste streams come into existence in the production of aluminum and phosphate fertilizers and I have been advised by NSW EPA it is illegal to dump this toxic waste into the ocean. The types of fluoride being added to the reticulated water supply are not natural as explained in the attached Orica Data Safety Worksheet.

Despite my providing this evidence you have asserted the type of fluoride added to Shoalhaven Water’s reticulated water supply is safe and effective.

This is to inform you Kevin Humphries that I have evidence to the contrary and if you cannot refute this evidence I will hold you privately liable for the forced medication of myself and the 100000 residents of the Shoalhaven. This is because you are aware of this evidence now – that is irrefutable evidence that counters your fraud and harm to others in the community.

If you do not refute my claims by providing this scientific evidence within 28 days I will accept that I have obtained agreement from you and will be entitled to file that in Court against you.

Yours sincerely

John T


NSW Health Letter

NHMRCfollowup Letter

NHMRC letter



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