Fluoridation critics

GENRE: Email letter

TO: The Editor, The Cairns Post

AUTHOR: Ailsa B.

DATE SENT: Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 4:45 PM

TITLE: Fluoridation critics

STATUS: Awaiting response(s)

UPDATES: Any updates should be posted in the comments section below


to: “Letters.The Cairns Post” <letters@tcp.newsltd.com.au>


The Editor

The Cairns Post



Dear Editor

Remember “The Owl Critic”?  That delightful poem by Thomas James Fields?

In it, the self-proclaimed owl expert loudly declared how ridiculously impossible the barber’s “stuffed” owl looked.

After a critical diatribe about the owl, the bird spoke.

This poem could be an analogy for some fluoride “experts” whose pro-fluoridation tirades almost leave one speechless.

Yours truly

Ailsa B



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