Fraser Coast. Attn. All Councillors – Response to call for public policy feedback

GENRE: Email letter

TO: Fraser Coast Councillors

AUTHOR: Daniel Z

DATE SENT: Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 3:21 PM

TITLE: Fraser Coast. Attn. All Councillors – Response to call for public policy feedback

STATUS: Awaiting response

UPDATES: Any updates should be posted in the comments section below


Dear Mayor, Council,

The following video presents a powerful indictment of the water fluoridation program through interviews with a Nobel Laureate in Medicine, three scientists from the National Research Council’s landmark review on fluoride, as well as dentists, medical doctors, and leading researchers in the field:

Perhaps, after watching the video above, you would be interested in reading a book on the subject. Here is what a Nobel Prize winner says about one such book:

“Sweden rejected fluoridation in the 1970s and, in this excellent book, these three scientists have confirmed the wisdom of that decision. Our children have not suffered greater tooth decay, as World Health Organization figures attest, and in turn our citizens have not borne the other hazards fluoride may cause. In any case, since fluoride is readily available in toothpaste, you don’t have to force it on people.”Arvid Carlsson, Nobel Laureate in Medicine or Physiology (2000) and Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology, University of Gothenburg 



I hope the Fraser Coast Council takes into account this type of information, which presents the scientific and ethical case against water fluoridation in great detail, BEFORE it makes its decision to fluoridate or not.


Daniel Z | Freelance Writer


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