Proserpine dentist ‘involuntarily’ resigned

GENRE: Email letter

TO: The Editor – Daily Mercury


DATE SENT: Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 11:42 PM

TITLE: Proserpine dentist ‘involuntarily’ resigned

STATUS: Awaiting response

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The Editor
Daily Mercury

Dear Editor

Through your letters’ column, I would like to give moral support to Chyina Lee and Drew Finlay – the switched-on young Whitsunday residents with the initiative to take on fluoridation in their region (my phone number is in the book).

Do any Proserpine residents remember Dr Geoffrey Smith; the former principal dental officer at Proserpine’s public dental clinic?

Decades ago, Dr Smith “involuntarily” resigned after having a run in with Queensland Health:  he was being forced to continue giving fluoride treatments to children whose teeth were visibly affected by chronic fluoride poisoning (dental fluorosis).

Dr Smith kept notes about these children.  He told a friend, who, unbeknown to Dr Smith, informed the Melbourne Truth newspaper (now defunct).

The Truth headlined the story and Dr Smith ended up leaving for the south where, eventually, one of his own grandchildren was chronically fluoride poisoned.

Typical of government, in the parliament of the day, the then Minister for Health blamed Proserpine parents for the dental fluorosis; saying they gave them fluoride tablets when the town’s water supply was fluoridated.

No responsibility was taken by the health department for forcing Dr Smith to keep “fluoridating” children’s teeth when the children were already overdosing on fluoride.  I have an inkling that a child, or grandchild, of one of the government ministers was affected.

Something else that only government might do:  in recent years, it called tenders for the fluoridation of a water supply on Cape York Peninsula when the water already contained a greater amount of natural fluoride than it would have been permissible to add.

Yours truly

Ailsa B


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