Fluoride and brain damage

GENRE: Email letter
TO: The Editor – The Central Telegraph
DATE SENT: Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 1:29 AM
TITLE: Fluoride and brain damage
STATUS: Awaiting response

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To: newsroom@centraltelegraph.com.au

Dear Editor, Hereunder is a letter submitted for possible publication.  Below the letter is proof of Queensland Health’s response.  I have fond memories of The Central Telegraph’s office which I visited with my father, on occasion, in the 1940s.  My most vivid memory is of wonderful cartoons displayed on the office walls.  Ailsa B

The Editor
The Central Telegraph

Dear Editor

Water fluoridation is past its use-by date.

Thirty-six human studies now link fluoride exposures with reduced intelligence:  one at a level of fluoride in water that is virtually the same as Brisbane’s.

Three human studies connect fluoride with impaired foetal brain development.

Twelve studies (7 human; 5 animal) associate fluoride with neurobehavioural deficits (e.g., impaired visual-spatial organization).

Over forty animal studies reveal prolonged exposure to varying levels of fluoride can damage the brain.

Sixteen animal studies link fluoride exposures to an impaired capacity to learn and remember.

By 26.11.12, 4,293 had signed the “Professionals statement calling for an end to fluoridation” (dentists, doctors, scientists, other health professionals, etc).

Drs Michael Foley and Jeannette Young lay claim to an immodest number of studies proving the safety of fluoridation.

But a recent inquiry to the Q’ld Health Facebook page asking about “indisputable evidence” for the safety of fluoride elicited an astonishing response which included, “Indisputable evidence … is not easy to come by.”

Yours truly

Ailsa B

From: Facebook

Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013 6:11 PM

To: John Rodger

Subject: New message from Queensland Health

Queensland Health

5:41pm Jan 18

Hi John,
Thanks for taking the time to ask for more information about the fluoride issue.

“Indisputable evidence” as you say is not easy to come by. Perhaps this is because on almost any issue you could name, there are dissenting views. Medical professionals and the scientific researchers prefer instead to point to the overwhelming weight of evidence about the safety of water fluoridation for our communities. When they look at the large body of research that has been done around the world over sixty years (since the fluoridating water supplies began), no evidence of harmful effects have been found in countries like Australia where good safety measures exist. More than 150 major health organisations, including the World Health Organisation, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the Australian Dental Association (ADA) support water fluoridation. A recent national review found no negative health effects and only a slight increase in dental fluorosis. For scientific and supported research from credible organisations such as Australian Dental Association, National Advisory Committee on Oral Health, American Dental Association, British Dental Association and other British/UK health associations refer to the Australian Dental Association website: http://www.facebook.com/l/wAQFjC1aPAQHkAMfjEc9pyLxQDOssOn40oTQZs7IPe-qI-Q/www..ada.org.au/OralHealth/FLN/fluoridation.aspx .

We hope this helps provide a few more answers.

QldHealth Social Media Team

Conversation History

John Rodgers

1:30pm Jan 18

Where do I find the indisputable evidence that fluoride is safe, I have searched the internet & asked the question of a number of people who say the same thing it’s been proved but I can’t find who proved it was safe, can you give me the information I seek.


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