Letter to the Editor, regarding Chief Health Officer’s support for water fluoridation

GENRE: Email letter

TO: The Editor, Courier Mail

AUTHOR: Phillip R

DATE SENT: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 8:56 AM

TITLE: Letter to the Editor, regarding Chief Health Officer’s support for water fluoridation

STATUS: Awaiting response

UPDATES: Any updates should be posted in the comments section below

Attn: The Editor – The Courier Mail

I work as a naturopath in Victoria within the recently fluoridated city of Geelong.   I am very concerned by Queensland Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young’s support for adding fluoride treatment to drinking water.

I noted before fluoride went in to Geelong water, health problems such as fluoride induced skin rashes, joint problems and asthma(Pot Room Asthma) mainly happened for people at work when exposed to fluoride.

Industry did work to reduce the side effects of fluoride in workers by supplying protection such as fluoride filters for breathing and advising to stop fluoridated toothpaste and high fluoride foods.   However now fluoride has gone into water for drinking and showering, avoidance is very difficult so the same health problems now happen at home.

Before fluoridation, parents with kids suffering fluoride related skin rashes or asthma could stop the fluoride tablets and toothpaste. Now fluoride is in the water they can’t get their kids better unless they totally stop contact with it. Such repeated clinical observations that are confirmed by medical testing, clearly show fluoride treatment  should not be given via drinking water.

Philip R BHSc, ND.

Carmoora Clinic

Geelong, Victoria


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