Complaint About the ABC Acting as a Propaganda Tool for the Fluoridation Lobby – Very Biased Reporting

GENRE: Complaint email

TO: Media Watch


DATE SENT: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 23:26:42 +1000

TITLE: Complaint About the ABC Acting as a Propaganda Tool for the Fluoridation Lobby – Very Biased Reporting

STATUS: Awaiting response

UPDATES: Any updates should be posted in the comments section below


Attn:  Media Watch

I saw a short announcement on the ABC news this evening (14/1/13) which was extremely biased reporting in that it had no counter viewpoint except the one from our glorious ‘Department of Health’ chief medical officer Jeanette Young declaring that the anti-fluoridation people are scare-mongering and that there is no danger from fluoridation at the levels we have in Queensland.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Qld Health has admitted that it relied on the 2007 NHMRC Fluoride Review, despite that the review had not looked at the cumulative effects of fluoride on people with Kidney impairment.  It had been a requirement of the tender for the 2007 NHMRC review to cover cumulative effects of fluoride in relation to kidney dysfunction and this failed to be addressed in the review.  The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines ( ADWG )  6 ( NHMRC 2011 ) states: “People with kidney impairment have a lower margin of safety for fluoride intake. Limited data indicate that their fluoride retention may be up to three times normal.”  This same advice was also recorded in the 2004 NHMRC ADWG and the two previous editions of the NHMRC guidelines.

There are many other population sub-groups that are silently suffering from the chronic ingestion of water dosed with the industrial pollutant ‘hexafluorosilicic acid’ but our Orwellian styled Department of Health will not even look at or address the issue.  If you don’t look, of course you don’t find.  It’s so much easier just to get up on television and make a statement that no one has the opportunity to refute.  There are growing numbers of highly credentialled scientists from around the world sounding the alarm that we are getting too much fluoride.  These experts are far more knowledgeable than Ms Jeanette Young.  But will the public ever get a chance to hear what they have to say?  Not if spin doctors like Jeanette Young, Dr Michael Foley and Dr Jason Armfield have a say about it.  What has happened to real investigative journalism ‘keeping the bastards honest’?  Can’t Media smell a rat anymore?

Yours sincerely

Sandy S
Nerang 4211


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