Bundaberg (Biloela) – Concerned and ask for this to be published re: Pro-fluoride science wins over citizens 11.1.2013

GENRE: Email letter

TO: The Editor, The Central Telegraph (Biloela)

AUTHOR: Diane Drayton Buckland

DATE SENT: Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 10:43 AM

TITLE: Bundaberg (Biloela) – Concerned and ask for this to be published re: Pro-fluoride science wins over citizens 11.1.2013

STATUS: Awaiting response

UPDATES: Any updates should be posted in the comments section below

To: newsroom@centraltelegraph.com.au

RE: http://www.centraltelegraph.com.au/news/pro-fluoride-science-wins-over-citizens/1714735/

Dear Editor, Newsroom, Central Telegraph, Budaberg (Biloela)

We’ve never been able to get any mainstream news to publish our facts -in fact over the years many have received abuse from mainstream news when asking to have our facts published –  they only ever publish pro-fluoride side, rarely they might say a few things about anti-fluoridation but it is always in a ‘ridiculing /insulting manner’.

If all the population saw the evidence of harm and abysmal failure of water fluoridation they would not be so trusting and gullible.  The Fluoridation Propaganda Machine/Web of Deception have slick PR Media experts grooming ‘their deception’.  If the truth got to the population, none of you would allow this chronic poisoning of us all.

In addition, of course, no media will publish this, that under FOI it was found, that the ADA asked for and received $200,000 from Bligh’s Health Minister, Stephen Robertson to promote ‘fluoridation’ and their colleagues at the AMA sent a letter to Dr. Jeannette young, Chief Health Officer Queensland Health extract from FOI :

“The AMA believes the ‘strategic approach’ referred to in your letter must be for Government to mandate water fluoridation throughout the State. The approach to encourage individual councils to adopt fluoridation of their own volition has failed.”

Doesn’t anybody care about decency, transparency and honesty at all anymore?  Why doesn’t someone kick up a dust storm over this disgrace ?

Some view this allegedly, as tantamount to ‘conspiring’ to ‘mandate’ ‘water fluoridation’.

These letters from ADA and AMA  are on page 87/88 of my Report:
FOR THE TRUTH AND THE SCIENCE SEE EXTENSIVE EVIDENCE OF HARM AND ABYSMAL FAILURE OF WF – Water Fluoridation Pollution Must End > Download Report from here:  http://fluorideinformationaustralia.wordpress.com/fia-report-archives/

Remember anti-fluoridationists  (people against the hazardous waste pollutant chronic poisoning of our population) do all our work for nothing in our valiant efforts to protect the health and safety of the population and our entire environment.  We expect and deserve journalist integrity in publishing truth to enable us to do so.

Thank you Editor,

My Kind Regards,



Dr. Jeannette Young gets all her ‘information’ in mainstream, and the lead in line being QUEENSLAND’S Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young has stepped into a political minefield, imploring local governments to fluoridate their water supplies.
COMMENT: She was always ‘stepped in’ as you will see from the letter obtained under FOI.  Once viewing my collation of Evidence as in Report referred to above, you will see her claims to fluoridation being essential for good oral health being irrefutable are in fact, blown out of our hazardous waste polluted water.

“I want to be proactive because I think that the anti-fluoride lobby has got an extraordinary loud voice and can say absolute rubbish,” she said. “Fluoride in drinking water is absolutely essential for good oral health,” she said. “The evidence is irrefutable and only the extremely misinformed could think otherwise. “In medicine, there aren’t many things that are absolutely black and white. This is one of them.” “It’s been around in Australia since 1964.
COMMENT: She is again incorrect, water fluoridation/pollution has been in Australia since 1953 commencing Beaconsfield, Tasmania and Tasmanians do in fact suffer shocking dental health problems/crisis, chronic diseases etc.  Australia wide is in fact in dental crisis after decades of water fluoridation/pollution in every State which she would be well aware of.

“If there were any problems, we would have seen them.”


Diane Drayton Buckland
Independent Researcher, Kallangur, Queensland, Australia
Fluoride Information Australia

Water Fluoridation Pollution Must End > Download Report from here:

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ADA Says Fluoridated Tap Water is Not Safe for Babies!



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