Welcome to the revamped Fire Water website

Welcome to the revamped Fire Water website


Welcome to the fully revamped website of The Fire Water Project, now hosted via WordPress. “Fire Water 2.0″ is ready for the next stage in the ferocious battle against water fluoridation. Information is power. Connect with us online and join the battle. You can start by bookmarking or following our brand new Twitter feed.

In February 2011, Sapphire Eyes Productions released the activist documentary, Fire Water: Australia’s Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace. Since that time, the film and related materials have received widespread support and in excess of 100,000 views online. According to The Australian Fluoridation News:

“This important Australian film brings to the fore many of the key fluoridation issues not usually mentioned in the mainstream media… it shines in bringing together some of the many voices from around Australia – a cross section of researchers, politicians, activists, sufferers and health professionals… a springboard to the next level of raising fluoridation awareness. The interviews are GOLD.”

Fire Water has been cited by Dr. Paul Connett, The Fluoride Action Network, Infowars, Natural News, Mathaba, Fluoride Australia, All Lights, We Are Change, Public Health Ethics, and others. The film was also accepted into two international film festivals – Green Unplugged and Voices from the Waters – along with being archived in the National Library of Australia and the Monash University Library.

The Fire Water Project encompasses not only the official full-length documentary, but additional interviews, related documentation, and the ongoing efforts to expose the fluoridation fraud both in Australia and internationally. Fire Water is now more than a film – it is a exponentially expanding grass roots movement to end fluoridation once and for all.

Campaigning efforts will continually intensify until every fluoridation plant in Australia has been shut down, by irrevocable law. The filmmakers encourage activists to use the issues raised in the film to inform ongoing research and awareness-raising efforts; thus utilising Fire Water as a key weapon in the battle to bring the fluoridation program to its knees.


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