How do we escape the scourge that governments have heaped on us in the name of dental hygiene?

GENRE: Email letter

TITLE: How do we escape the scourge that governments have heaped on us in the name of dental hygiene??

AUTHOR: Sandra C

DATE WRITTEN: 12th January, 2013

STATUS: Pending

UPDATES: Any updates should be posted in the comments section below


Bcc: Various lists


Attention: Mr. Michael Foley.  from my perspective,  I can quote all the links, but defer to common sense!

Dear Mr. Foley,

Are you a dental doctor or a medical practitioner?   If you are a dental doctor then I ask the following:

a) what is your right to administer a drug to me via my tap water?
b) have you done a risk assessment on systemic damage being caused me et al?
c) are you funded by a vested interest industry i.e. Colgate?
d) can you tell me why it is illegal to dump this “hydrofluorosilicic acid” into our waterways?
e) why did the EPA fine Melbourne Water for spillage into Cardinia Creek?
f) did you know it is classed as a S7 poison ?
g) did you know it is classed as a S9 marine pollutant?
h) can you tell me why people working with this volatile concoction need to wear hatmat suits?
i) can you tell me whether we are being overdosed in fluoride considering it is an active ingredient in many drugs administered?

If you cannot answer any of these questions Mr Foley, then what right do you have to administer this drug?

Mr. Foley it appears to me there are far too few risk assessment figures showing the systemic damage this pollutant is doing to our population, no tests done at all in Australia.   Why not?   Many of our latest figures on health issues may well be as a result of chemical sensitivity (toxicity).  Have you never had the conscience or integrity to question the fact that our “human rights” are being eroded daily by industrial “spin doctors” convincing our governments that chemicals are ok, in fact I believe most of you are so naiive you just accept what spin is being fed you.

Please indulge me and read the following which was written by a very well thought of man many years ago, granted it is to do with another matter, however, I believe it is, indeed, relevant:

Taken directly from “Endurance of Life” page 216… Macfarlane Burnet….

“Any evolutionary change associated with our new capacity to prevent deathfrom infectious diseases will be a slow and inconspicuous process. Inevitably some increase in minor immune deficiences will occur, but modern antibiotic therapy should remain adequate to handle it. One cannot exclude the possibility that in the long term a progressive decrease in the effectiveness of bodily defences against infection could become sociallyimportant.”

In other words Mr. Foley the slow and ‘inconspicuous process’ means that we will not be aware of what is happening to our bodies until we are a “done dinner”.
These people aren’t men they are a scourge on humanity and all it stands for……

Our dear doctors are aware that this is happening and yet they go on happily injecting innocent babies with poison.    Could it be this is what is happening with the “FSA’s” in our water – the asbestos of tomorrow!

Sandra Camm (Mrs)
Geelong. 3216.

ps. I watch daily as my grandson’s second teeth now have brown stripes forming and I wish for a miracle that this folly, Mr. Foley, will not endure for much longer and common sense will prevail.


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